Sometimes it’s your own fault that you don’t get healing

Overwatch4 - Sometimes it's your own fault that you don't get healing

On my main account, I'm a support main, but on my second account, I avoid healer if I can (I instalock DPS).

This morning I was on my second account. I was playing Reaper on Oasis, getting the kills and golds. As Reaper I usually don't worry about getting healing (because self heal), but I do know how to get healing from healers: when I need their help, I will call for it ("I need healing" voice line), and make sure to be near and/or in their line of sight, and if our healer hero is aim-based (Ana, Baptiste), I'll stand still so they can hit me with their heal shots.

In this game, during the first round, we had an Ana and a Brig. Though I never had to call for healing, I did notice Ana topping me off a few times when I held line of sight with her.

At the end of the round, a teammate was complaining about getting no healing. I didn't pay attention to which hero the player was playing, but he specifically mentioned Ana with his complaint. There was a short argument in the text chat (that I didn't really pay attention to), and at the beginning of the next round I noticed we no longer had an Ana. We had one healer, Moira. Apparently our Ana got fed up with the heal complaint(s?), and switched to McCree.

So I switched off Reaper and onto Baptiste for the second (last) round. At the end of the round and match, the same player complained that he still wasn't getting any healing. Since I was one of the healers this round, I checked to see who he was playing — Mei.


I knew we had a Mei on the team, but I literally did not see Mei at all during the entire second round — even though as a healer I can see my teammates through walls.

In the 4:05 minute second round, I healed 4,352 points (silver). That's almost 1,100 heals per minute. Our other healer (who healed for both rounds) got a card for 8,388 healing (24%) — more healing than the enemy healers did. I'm pointing out our healing numbers only to show there was plenty of healing going on for our team.

The person complaining about getting no heals obviously wasn't with the team — if he wasn't getting the

healing everyone else was getting, and the fact he was out of my sight for an entire round. This is a textbook case of "It's your own fault for not getting heals."

Lesson from a support main: If you feel you aren't getting healing, look around and see if you are making it hard/impossible to heal you. If you legitimately see the healer ignore you in front of them, then you can complain. But if you aren't consciously and actively making it easy to heal you, don't expect heals.

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