Storm Rising Legendary Run Tips

Overwatch3 - Storm Rising Legendary Run Tips

Recently pulled off both story mode and all heroes (with no incaps) runs and wanted to share what I learned from both runs.

Story Mode (SM) Comp: Genji, Mercy, Tracer, Winston

All Heroes (AH) Comp: Baptiste, Bastion, Mei, Orisa

(Italicized is who I played)

General Tips

Both: Take. Your. Time. There is no time limit here. If you need to from a distance slowly plink away at a Heavy, do it. The only moniker of a time limit you have is regenerating shields on everyone but Troopers. Assassins take a single melee attack to dismount so stick close. Enforcers can singleshot everyone but Winston and two of them are a damn nightmare.

SM: Yes you have a dive comp. Don’t dive. This isn’t a gamemode to dive. Snipers are Genji’s to focus. Winston’s shield is weaker than you remember. Especially use cover with this group.

AH: Yes other comps work. This was just the one I won with. Torb and Roadhog’s ult can melt a Heavy if boosted. Sym can work in Mei’s place though you don’t get frozen Heavys. A Mercy and Zen combo is weaker than a Baptiste ult but you’re don’t need to wait for ult; useful for Enforcers. Reinhardt had a better shield but giving up the rest of Orisa’s kit isn’t worth it my opinion.

Phase 1: Up to the Distillery Doors

SM: Pretty straight forward. I know you’ll have an urge to dive the Troopers upstairs but you want to make sure you don’t leave Tracer alone on the ground. If a Sniper shows up give it to Genji to focus. If an Assassin shows up we’d back up into a building so we were all in good melee range. The important thing is to not let the Sniper or Assassin overtake your attention to the point the Enforcers get too close and/or numerous.

AH: Pretty much the same. At the Distillery doors we set up next to the booth. Snipers got mowed down easily enough and Mei would throw down her Blizzard if we had an Assassin to deal with (better safe than sorry). As an added percaution Baptiste would throw down his Immortality Field behind the cover of the booth at the spawn of the special.

Phase 2: Distillery

SM: We set up in the back corner of the computer room to the right of the exit door (if your looking at it). It rendered Winston a little useless but it blocked all Sniper line-of-sights except one. Always be wary of Enforcers making their way down the long overpass. Genji again dispatched the snipers, slowly, one at a time, and at range. First aggro-ing them for a deflect shot, then under a Winston shield just spamming their head with shurikens. Assassins were dealt the same way as before just note they will wall-climb into the room from the large gap in the wall instead of using the stairs.

AH: Setup in the small window above the payload. Mei became our flanker eyes watching for Enforcers making their way around. The far Snipers automatically became priority on spawn but go down quickly with the combinded firepower of the team. If one spawned on the ledge above the payload Orisa would Fortify and peek to take her down. If there wasn't too much fire coming from below she’d position a shield for herself to do it. Note this is only after any other Snipers are dead. Assassin’s went down easy since they only have two predictable paths leading to a Mei and Orisa in waiting. Immortality Fields always reccomended.

Phase 2.5: The First Heavy Assault

SM: we held ground and let him come to us. He’ll almost always come up through the computer room. It gives you time to take down as many enforcers as you can so they’re not an issue when We moved towards the hall so that if he charged we’d all just duck to the right safely. During that stun lock of charging into the wall was the point and time to rip all four ults on him. Once those ran out we backed up to the next hallway corner and rinse-repeated.


AH: Let him come to you, take out Enforcers, poke at him. Once he turns the corner Orisa takes the front waiting the charge to Fortify against. It’s at this stun point we drop Supercharger and Amp Matrix. Once he starts recovering from the stun Mei drops her blizzard. After which Mei can just keep freezing him. We just used Bastion’s Tank Mode for the Enforcers since Sentry mode dished out more damage to the Heavy.

Phase 3: Beach Side

SM: It starts per normal until you reach the bridge. Their’s a ruined building to your right that a group of troopers may or may not burst out of. Take note of that. For now however two Snipers appear on two of the three ledges (two on the castle, one right by you above the door). This is oddly a place we lost a lot. There’s a few Enforcers that pop up around here, and quite close, and we’d flanked hard (same goes in All Heroes). We found the best bet is to fall back around the corner of the ruined building, deal with Enforcers first, Snipers left to right second. Once the payload gets halfway across the bridge you get an Assassin. Again, fallback around the corner because there’s a number of Enforcers again. Stick tight and deal with the Assassin.

AH: Exactly the same.

Phase 4: Castle Battle

Both: So remember that ruined building across the bridge? That’s your base; as soon as your payload is in place fall back to that building. If the doors burst off there’s a single staircase inside to get up to the second floor. Not horrible. If the doors don’t blow there’s no way for any of the Talon to get up there. Use that to your advantage.

SM: Now saying that, if the doors don’t blow in story mode you probably don’t wanna be up there just yet. Tracer unfortunetly can’t get up so she’s prime Assassin food. Instead hang around the corner downstairs as before to deal with the Assassins and Troopers/Enforcers. If the doors do burst take the upstairs as a team. The single stairway up is good for funneling the Assassins. If Snipers spawn, youre our of their range. Problem is they’re out of your range too and they don’t leave the castle (and the Heavys don’t spawn until the Snipers are dead. We covered Genji as he poked them one by one. Sometimes Winston would come too. But never did either of them enter the castle. Always poke from outside the gates; use cover.

AH: Mei-elevator the team upstairs if the doors don’t blow. Welcome to your god-spot. Even if the doors do blow just have Mei on stair-watch duty. If you got to do Sniper poking send Orisa. The rest should cover her from the 2nd floor. Always drop a shield before poking.

Phase 4.5: Double Heavy Assault

SM: It’s at this point that if the doors aren’t blown, everyone goes upstairs except Tracer who runs away back to the distillery. If she manages to catch the Heavy’s attention Winston should pop down and agro. That aside, drop a shield, pop out, poke them in the head. It’ll take a while but it’s safe. If the doors do blown slowly work them up the staircase before dropping back out. Circle around the tower with the Heavy(s) following and back to the building. Rinse repeat. Charge stun inside the building is the best spot to unleash ults; just always be wary of the second Heavy.

AH: IT’S OVER HEAVY. WE HAVE THE HIGH GROUND. If the doors don’t blow it’s easy street. Just don’t get greedy and get incapped. If the doors do blow it’s the same process as the first time. Have Orisa try to goat a charge on the staircase to lead to the ult frenzy. Always feel free to retreat around the tower.

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