The 50 SR penalty for quitting should at least be lowered if you come back and win.

Overwatch2 - The 50 SR penalty for quitting should at least be lowered if you come back and win.

Sorry for the long post but frankly I'm upset and giving context is important so you know where I'm coming from.

Yesterday I was having a real good day in competitive. I got lucky and was winning more than losing and getting good teammates that actually communicated and were willing to swap etc. I was having fun.

Then I played a game on Numbani. I was there for the first full round of attack where we made it to the end, and suddenly I disconnected for no reason whatsoever. I still don't understand what happened. I had internet the whole time. The Battlenet client was saying something about a background download but I don't see why that would boot me mid game. But whatever it was it was clearly not my fault.

But anyway, I managed to get back in after my team just lost their round of defending and we managed to full hold them on defense in round 2.


So even though we still won, even though I came back when I technically didn't have to since there would be no benefit for me anyway (because I know usually most people just quit out after the timer when someone leaves because it's almost impossible to win with a man down, I was shocked they were all still playing), I am rewarded for my loyalty by still losing 50 SR. That's how much I had earned up until then. That was several hours of progress lost for something that wasn't even my fu*king fault. Essentially all the good games and good work I'd done that day was completely erased by one technical error.

If they lowered the penalty to something less obnoxious to, say, 25 SR only if you come back and win, I think it would be an overall plus. It incentivizises people to come back after a random disconnect rather than give them a feeling of hopelessness. Or even make it down to 25 SR for coming back and if you win you still earn SR since your team just won a much harder battle than necessary.

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Because I'm just saying, 50 SR loss is a fu*king gut punch for something I couldn't control. It turned a positive experience into an overall negative one in the span of two seconds.

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