The Juggernaut

Overwatch10 - The Juggernaut

Hey everyone! I just finished polishing my first ever published Workshop Game Mode


Code- AKD18

The only map is the Workshop Chamber, personally because I like it the most, also some aspects wouldn’t work on other maps.

There are 2 teams

Team 1- The Juggernaut (1 Player) Team 2- Team 2 because I can’t think of a fitting name (6 Players)

The Juggernaut Has 5 Custom Abilities and 1 Custom Ultimate (6 Total Abilities)

The Juggernaut Has 25,000 HP and Cannot Heal

The Juggernaut’s default form is Reinhardt, You’ll be using his hammer as your primary attacks.

Tank (Ability 1)- Turn into a Bastion Tank for 5 seconds dealing high amounts of damage.

Death Blossom (Ability 2)- Self explanatory; Reaper’s Ultimate.

EMP (Secondary Fire)- A Sombra Bot will spawn on your team invisible/invincible and use Ultimate. Can be used while being CC’d (Crowd Controlled).

Tactical Visor (Melee)- Much shorter version of Tac Visor, mostly because this is to deal with out of range targets, such as Pharah or a sniping Widow.

Energy Shields (Reload)- A Lucio bot will spawn on your team invisible/invincible and use Ultimate, giving you a short health advantage. Abilities CANNOT be used while you have shields on and Energy Shields CANNOT be used during abilities other than EMP.

Minefield Flux (Ultimate) Everyone gains a 3rd Person view of the Juggernaut as they turn into Sigma and use Ultimate, which will drop you onto a Minefield! (It sounds OP, but it is possible to make it out alive, assuming the Sigma’s timing is not up to speed, which they usually aren’t.)


The Juggernaut also has a higher default speed because he has to get up close in order to deal damage most of the time.

Team 2 has very minor balance changes;

All Heroes- Ultimate Generation: 150%

Mei- In the current code, Mei has freeze duration nerfs, which will be removed the next time I’m able to log on.

Sombra- No stealth, Hack Cooldown: 200%

The Objective? I’m glad you asked!

Juggernaut: Achieve 50 Kills

Team 2: Kill The Juggernaut before they reach 50 kills.

Known Issues: Sigma’s Ultimate, due to how it functions in general, deals 6000-7000 Damage to the Juggernaut. I list this as a known issue because most people will find this OP, but I personally don’t mind it being there, Helpful tip is to use Energy Shields to counter it, they absorb all the damage. Other than this, everything seems to be functioning bug-free!

Also it should be mentioned that this was made in Skirmish because the Juggernaut would feel very clunky in Team Deathmatch due to how weird the wait actions work in that mode. This game mode has a custom scoring system built in so it ends properly.

Made On PS4 by me!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions, about the Game mode or my decisions in balancing, feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll edit this post if I make any updates or if I missed any info (unlikely).

Now for some much needed sleep.

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