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Overwatch7 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Overwatch - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

r/Overwatch, my team managed to defeat Storm Rising on legendary and I figured it would be useful to share our strategy to help people not familiar with the PvE events have a better shot at making it through till the end. This guide includes tips to succeed throughout the mission, information about the enemies, tips for playing each of the four default heroes, and suggestions about what path to follow to kite the heavies to make them much easier to take down. If you have defeated Retribution on Legendary, most of this will be familiar and the same general set of strategies applies. If you are here just to see the path I recommend for kiting, then scroll to the bottom of the post to the second-to-last section.

General Tips

  • Stay in cover and break lines of sight. Enemies can pump out a horrific amount of damage, and you should do everything you can to make your Mercy's life easier.
  • Play it safe and kite enemies. There's no time limit on the event, so let the enemies come to you. It's easier to deal with them when they are trickling into your LoS one by one.
  • Every time you die, you take longer to be revived by teammates standing near you. The duration of Mercy's res isn't affected by deaths, but it should be saved for clutch moments and you shouldn't rely on it being off cooldown. Focus on staying alive and with your team rather than prioritizing damage and kills. If you do move out of position to try to get more kills and end up dying outside of cover, your team will struggle to res you in time.
  • If you do die in a dangerous position where your team can't safely revive you before your timer runs out, you will all fail the mission automatically.
  • Revive strategically. Whether using Mercy's res or standing over your ally, be careful not to rush into a revive. The mobs will down you quickly in Legendary, so you should take time to work with your team to kite enemies away so one of you can safely make your way back to your fallen ally to revive them. You have half a minute before they die and you lose the mission, so take advantage of the time.
  • Use voice coms if at all possible. You should try to keep the coms clear and open unless necessary, as you only need a few seconds of bad luck to end your run early and making sure your team only hears what they need to in order to succeed will make it much easier to pull off a win.
    • General priority for coms should be:
  1. Cues to move to next room for kiting. I tend to prefer doing a 3-count to give my teammates a heads up that we're about to start moving, and then a cue when to actually move. This can also help the Winston and Tracer pick off any nearby mobs they couldn't safely damage while under cover to help make the movement around the map safer. Only one person should be making most of the calls, though if they miss the cue and a heavy is getting too close, then you shouldn't be afraid to call for a move.
  2. Warnings about flanking enemies. Calls about sniper location of troopers and enforcers coming through the exit of your current room can help make sure your team isn't trapped or otherwise in a situation where everyone is caught off guard.
  3. Updates on enemy position while downed. If you are downed, you can help keep your team informed about the locations of high-priority enemies by updating them on enemies they can't see.


If you have played Retribution, then all of the enemies you encounter will be familiar.

  • Troopers: By themselves, they don't cause many problems. Just make sure you don't let too many stay alive for too long or you'll be unpleasantly surprised by how much damage a few can deal. Headshots are easy as long as you let them trickle into your LoS.
  • Enforcers: Their shotgun blasts are very easy to anticipate if you can see them. Make sure you're kiting properly and Genji can deflect their attacks and make easy work of them. If mobs aren't cleared well, then they can sneak up behind you and one-shot everyone from full health except for Winston.
  • Sniper: The first special you'll encounter. The first sniper can be dealt with by Winston and Genji because she tends to get knocked into a corner in the room and can't grapple away. Don't underestimate how much damage her pistol can do. In general, the easiest way to deal with Snipers is to stay out of their LoS unless you're Genji. They have an audible cue when they are about to fire, which Genji can use to time a deflect to headshot them and make easy work of them.
  • Assassin: She will blink around for a bit, and then charge someone. If you can escape her charge (e.g., using Genji's dash), she will be immobile for a short period and can be easily damaged. If she pins a target, she will deal high DPS until they are down. You can melee her to knock her off and save the target. Dealing with assassins is very easy if you stay grouped in a room while your DPS picks off troopers and enforcers so you can easily melee her once she pins someone, Mercy can heal them up immediately, and everyone else can chip away at her health.
  • Heavy: Run. Even if you enjoy the thrill of putting your Mercy through hell, you will probably not get to see our underwhelming ending cutscene if you stay out in the open while trying to fight heavies. You will have to defeat three of them to win the event. Just take your time, and keep kiting along a path your team knows (see below for my recommended path) and peek corners to gradually deal damage. Genji's deflect is useful. If for some reason you end up split from your group and are behind a heavy, the glowing red spots are vulnerable and should be where you aim as you are moving back to cover and meeting back up with your team. They will occasionally charge, and you absolutely want to do anything in your power to make sure you're not caught by it, because it will drop you.


I spent most of my time today playing Mercy and Genji, but these tips are based on the playstyles I saw from my teammates that worked the best.

  • Genji:
    • Priority: Genji should prioritize Snipers over any other mob because he has the best kit for dealing with them safely. Unchecked snipers will end your run faster than nearly any other mob except for heavies, because they make revives/reses near impossible. Peek until you can get their sights locked on you, and then time your deflect based on the cues when they are about to fire. Ideally, you should be returning their fire as headshots to take them down quickly.
    • General: Do not rely on your mobility to escape fire, as the AI tends to be much better at tracking through Genji's jumps and dashes than most players are. Take advantage of corners and stay with your group.
    • Heavies: When kiting heavies, Genji should be the one dealing the vast majority of damage by staying at the back of the room where the heavies will approach from and either using his primary fire or deflecting their fire back to them. Genji will typically have the best LoS to know where the heavies are, so I would recommend the Genji be the player primarily responsible for calling when to cycle to the next room.
  • Mercy:
    • Priority: Healing. Your team will not succeed without you; even if they you are all kiting perfectly and taking advantage of corners to break LoS, the enemies simply deal too much damage to not prioritize healing. Otherwise, damage boosting is useful.
    • General: In our most successful runs, Mercy almost never pulled out her pistol unless it was necessary to keep herself alive. The mission doesn't have a time limit, so the extra DPS you deal is generally worth less than keeping your teammates alive and making sure they don't go down, because long revive times will make the mission much harder than it needs to be. Do not res a teammate if you think you will die trying to get them back up. You should try to take advantage of cover as much as possible when res-ing a teammate. When assassins attack, it can be useful to keep your healing beam on a pinned teammate to reduce the chances of them being downed. However, you should only do so if another ally is close enough to melee before you can; getting the assassin off a teammate is top priority once someone is pinned.
    • Heavies: Generally, Mercy should be between the Genji at the entrance of the room—so she can heal him back up or damage boost him and speed up defeating the heavies—and the Tracer and Winston at the exit. Keeping allies topped off on health should be prioritized over damage boosting.
  • Tracer:
    • Priority: Tracer should prioritize troopers and assassins. If you stay in close range of your group, you can easily empty your clip into assassins to take them out quickly.
    • General: Make sure you stay away from enforcers who are about to fire, because they are not kind to Tracer's low health pool. If your team is kiting properly, you can just prioritize whichever of the two minor mobs peek the corner into your LoS first, as both are easy to headshot and will go down relatively quickly compared to the special units. Again, just make sure you're not by an enforcer when their shotgun fires. Prioritize using recall to restore your health; if you are kiting properly, you shouldn't need to use it to disengage often. Just be aware of where you'll recall will take you so you don't end up in the middle of a swarm of mobs that will insta-down you.
    • Heavies: Tracer should work with Winston to make sure the exit is clear and no enemies sneak up from the back. If using the path I recommend for kiting, then heavies will eventually charge at the second set of stairs, where you can very easily drop your pulse bomb to chip away at their health. Otherwise, you should focus on keeping the exit clear as much as possible.
  • Winston:
    • Priority: Winston should prioritize picking off troopers and using his shield to support allies. In my runs so far, Winston's best utility is keeping their teammates alive with strategic shields and keeping the area clear of smaller mobs.
    • General: Winston can occasionally use the shield to make it safer to revive/res fallen allies, and can also protect teammates if an enforcer gets too close or your team is otherwise caught out in the open longer than you like. Winston also can quickly chip away at mob health as they come around corners, adding that extra bit of damage necessary to help Genji and Tracer keep mobs dead.
    • Heavies: Winston should be at the exit of your current room helping keep the path to the next room clear so your team can move to cover safely. Save your shield as much as possible to make movement between cover safer for your team.

Havana/The Mission

Move to the end of the buildings to the left. A sniper will spawn along with a large group of troopers and enforcers. Genji should prioritize taking the sniper out. Winston can also jump up to the room, as she will typically be knocked back into a corner and not be able to grapple away. Tracer and Mercy should try to stay safely back, with Tracer picking off any troopers or enforcers that come around the corner. Once the sniper is killed, the team can work together to pick off the rest of the troopers and enforcers.

  1. You start with two troopers and an enforcer standing down the alley outside of the garage. They are easy to deal with before moving on. Peek around the corner where they spawned and damage the mobs standing at the end of the street. They will move toward you once damaged, and again, aren't hard to take out. Eventually, a dropship will bring more troopers and enforcers.
  2. Move to the end of the buildings to the left. A sniper will spawn in the room at the back of the courtyard, along with a large group of troopers and enforcers in the courtyard. Genji should prioritize taking the sniper out. Winston can also jump up to the room, as she will typically be knocked back into a corner and not be able to grapple away. However, if this is done, then she will use her pistol instead of her sniper rifle and Genji will have to dash to the room rather than using his deflect. Tracer and Mercy should try to stay safely back out of the LoS of the mobs on the ground, with Tracer picking off any troopers or enforcers that come around the corner. Once the sniper is killed, the team can work together to pick off the rest of the troopers and enforcers.
  3. Once in the distillery, you will deal with multiple waves of enemies. 2 troopers and an enforcer will be standing to the left of the pillar just beyond the door, and a few mobs will typically spawn under the bridge in front of the door.
    1. Once you clear the distillery of enemies, the next wave spawns with an assassin spawning shortly after. I would recommend moving to the stairs at the front right of the room (the side where you walked in) where your DPS can easily pick off enemies, and everyone can quickly melee the assassin before she downs the pinned teammate. Mercy's ult can be useful to keep everyone alive as the mobs come around the corner or to damage boost to make quick work of mobs and the assassin if everyone is topped off on health. Winston, Tracer, and Genji should prioritize the assassin over other mobs
    2. Once you clear that wave, you will have to deal with two snipers. If you are standing in the room I suggested, then make sure to hug the walls to break LoS for the sniper at the back of the room above the exit. One sniper will spawn in the room with you, and Winston, Tracer, and Genji can make quick work of her. Genji should prioritize picking the snipers off with his deflect if they are at range to be using their rifles instead of their pistols.
    3. After this wave, you will have more troopers and enforcers drop in, and a heavy will eventually spawn. You should try to stay in the back right room as long as possible and kite around the distillery. At this point, Genji should be focusing on keeping mobs from swarming the entrance of your current room and dealing damage to the heavies. Most of the damage will be dealt to heavies by deflecting their fire, but Genji's primary fire can be used to chip away at health. Genji should stay at the entrance of the current room to make the heavy's AI path to him and pull the heavies along the path you want. Winston and Tracer should be covering the exit of your current room to keep normal mobs from flanking and downing allies. Winston should use his shield as support, primarily when moving between rooms to cover allies. Mercy should be between the entrance and exit, keeping all teammates topped off on health and then damage boosting Genji when possible. My recommended kiting path is included below.
  4. Once you defeat the heavy, you will then move to an escort mission with a few waves. Clear out the rest of the mobs in the distillery to ensure you are only taking fire from one direction. Most waves during the escort mission will consist only of troopers and enforcers. They will first spawn at the bridge, then from a dropship, then through the doors to the right of the bridge (before you cross it). Be careful at this point, because they typically spawn once the payload is slightly past them, and if you are caught unaware, the mobs can make quick work of your health. When the truck is across the bridge and nearly in the final courtyard, an assassin will spawn. Drop back to space right outside the distillery door to make easy work of her (using the same strategy as before) without having to deal with other mobs.
  5. Once you down the assassin, you will have to clear out the courtyard. I believe you have to stay in the courtyard or else enemies will keep spawning and you will not move to the final portion. Deal with the snipers that spawn (Genji prioritizing taking them out while everyone else stays in cover; once only one is left alive, Winston can safely jump to her to make easy work with her without worrying about fire from other snipers).
  6. Once you do, a heavy will spawn. The distillery door is still open and the heavy will follow you, so I recommend moving back to the distillery to deal with heavies using the same kiting path your team is already familiar with. Take your time to move only when it's safe and the heavy and other mobs' won't down you. If you get to the distillery quickly, the second heavy seems to spawn in the distillery rather than the final courtyard (and will typically do so before the first heavy makes it back). My team was standing in the upper room at the back right of the distillery (near the door that opens after you down the first heavy), and the final heavy spawned on the bridge that goes across the upper back of the room. So just be aware of where the second one spawns. If you time your kiting right so that they both end up on the same path, your job will be much easier. Take your time to carefully move along the kiting path, using the same strategy as earlier. If both heavies are not on the same path, then do your best to communicate with your team to 1) figure out where the second is, and 2) time your kiting to get them both back on the same path.
  7. Hopefully, your Tracer and Winston can keep the exits clear, Mercy can keep everyone alive and well, and Genji can deal enough damage alongside Tracer's pulse bombs until both heavies are downed. At this point, troopers and avengers will separate you from the final courtyard. All you have to do is take your time to pick them off as you make your way back. Once you're to the payload, you'll get your rewards.

Recommended Kiting Path

I have had the most luck taking on all three of the heavies in the distillery, using a four-room loop. So far, it has worked best to have Genji be the primary damage dealer to the heavies while Tracer and Winston prioritize keeping the immediate area and the kiting path clear of mobs as much as possible.

  • 1.) For the first heavy that spawns in the distillery, I like to have the team in the room above the entrance. Without mobility abilities, it is accessible only by stairs at the front right of the room (close to the door you enter the distillery through). Pick off enemies that come up the stairs, and make sure to avoid the open window unless necessary, because it will leave you vulnerable to enemies on the upper levels at the center of the room. While in this room, everyone can focus primarily on dealing damage to enemies on the stairs. When it is about time to move to the next room, Tracer and Genji are responsible for making sure the short path is safe. Once the heavy is mostly up the stairs, drop out the window and run to your left.

Path to first room, directly to the right of the distillery entrance

  • 2. Winston and Tracer should stay at the end of the hallway to pick off flanking enemies. Genji should stay near the entrance to pick off mobs that approach from that side, as well as damage the heavy as recommended. Genji should tell the team when the heavy is about to enter the room, and already be at the end of the hallway when it does so he can easily avoid a charge if the AI decides to do so down the short hallway (and it will, occasionally). Once the heavy is through the entrance and in the hallway, move out the exit.

wteezwjmzqs21 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Window to jump from first room, with door marked for second room. The door will be open by the time the first heavy spawns.
  • 3. Go up the stairs straight across from the door you just left, to the room at the back right of the distillery. Use the open window to pick off mobs when able, and have Genji deal damage to approaching heavies as they move from the previous room and toward the stairs. Wait until the heavy is mostly up the stairs to drop out the window.

iri1yk7szqs21 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Second exit (at back of the hallway you entered this room from) with the third room's door highlighted in green. Go up the stairs as quickly as possible and get in the room and stay in cover
  • 4. Move into the room just below the one you just left. The heavies will come back down the stairs rather than dropping out the window, so use the time to clear the current entrance and exit as much as possible, until the heavies are visible. Then Genji should deal damage when he can do so safely while everyone gets out of the room as quickly as possible through the door facing the back right of the distillery (toward the stairs you went up to get to the first room in the kiting path). You will typically deal the least damage during this room, but waiting in it makes it easier to keep both heavies on the same path while safely staying in cover.

zfe4i9t00rs21 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Drop from the window and move into the room underneath it. Again, door will be open by the time the heavy spawns. Don't worry about dealing much damage in this room; just use it to stay alive
  • 5. Once the heavies are moving into the room, move as quickly as possible to the stairs you went up to get to the first room of the kiting path. The heavies will exit through the same door you left the previous room from, and will often fire before charging toward you. Winston's shield is invaluable in keeping allies safe during this stretch as they fire. It's a long time to be out of cover during this event, but the heavies will consistently charge at the base of the stairs, where Tracer can drop her pulse bomb to contribute a significant amount of damage to the fight. Just make sure to hug the wall to break their LoS and prevent them from pinning you with a charge if something slows you down and keeps you from getting safely into the starting room before they charge.

bqgnb9b70rs21 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Leave through the back of the room and go back up the stairs where you started

o9wlaqom0rs21 - The Rising Storm Legendary Guide

Tracer's bomb should go in this general location once the heavies start charging from the last room
  • 6. Loop through this path until you finish them off.

General Kiting Tips

  • If you run back to the distillery for the second heavy, be aware of when the third one spawns, and do your best to get them both at the same point in the kiting path as quickly as possible. Doing so will 1) make it safer for you to move from cover to cover as you'll know where both are located at all times, and 2) make defeating them much quicker as there will almost always be primary fire coming from one of them, so Genji can use his deflect as soon as it's available.
    • If you do this, I would recommend running through the distillery exit and then go up the stairs to the left into the room described in Step 3 above (the one attached to the bridge above the exit that you can drop out of). This is the quickest area to get to, and if the last heavy spawns on the bridge, it's relatively easy to get both of the heavies on the same path.
  • Try to stay in the current room as long as possible to make sure the heavies are in it and will follow the expected path. If they split up or if one follows a path you're not expecting because you leave too early, you can end up with it separating you from your next cover.
  • Be ready to improvise. If someone is downed or if a heavy paths unexpectedly, then your team might have to get creative with how you navigate the distillery. Your goal should be getting into cover where you can quickly clear out mobs without being downed and can avoid being charged into or being shot at.
  • If you decide on a path that goes across the bridge at the back of the room above the main distillery exit, do not try to poke at the heavy from the end of the hallway. It can close the gap quickly, and is very difficult to avoid being pinned by. If you have to move through this area due to a change of plans, get through it as quickly as possible.
  • Don't forget about the lesser mobs. Heavies take a long time to kill anyway, so don't worry if it takes a bit longer because you're focusing on keeping the path safe. Kiting properly makes heavies easy to deal with, and your biggest threat will be the troopers and enforcers who surprise you.
  • If you get downed, use it to your advantage to keep your team informed about any flankers and updated on the heavies' current position. Do not panic or spam for healing; let your team have time to safely pull the mobs away from you so one of them can sneak back over and quickly heal you without pulling the AI pathing away from the kiting path.
  • Don't rush. Take your time, keep the coms clear, have someone calling when it's time to move to the next room (preferably Genji). Again, there isn't a time limit. Just play it safe, stay in cover, and don't let enemies flank you.

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