The state of being a off-meta main is unhealthy. Got anxiety because of the toxic behaviour in ranked.

Overwatch3 - The state of being a off-meta main is unhealthy. Got anxiety because of the toxic behaviour in ranked.

Hi, torb main.

Is my main dps.

Please don't report.

I'll swap if it's not working.


With those 4 lines I start every ranked. I DO swap if I see i'm not effective enough (bronze damage, being hard focused with no team coverage, tracer/genji hunting me) and I'll swap to Lucio/Ana/Dva/Rein as needed. Even so, is rare, and in my current elo I can easily get 3/4 golds in damage and eliminations, with my turret doing as little as 20% because I don't use it as DPS but as a zone controller (put it on defensive positions to take on pushing teams, but doesn't do damage or pressure on neutral).

What do you think it happens? Well, there is 2 possibilities:

1) People don't report me. See that I'm a nice team player, making calls, swapping if it's needed and just trying my best.

2) People outright report me or flame me in team and voice chat, even without giving any chance of showing myself.

When in the case 2, there is also 2 possibilities. People change mind after they see me play and everything is nice and dandy even when I've already been reported, or they start ragin when a push fails or something and blame the torb (usually this comes from others DPS who aren't being effective at all, not getting picks or adding damage, which I find obnoxious).

In fact, I get so much reported as endorsed. Yesterday night for example, where I finally did the push back to 2500, I got downgraded 3 times to endorsement level 2 because of reports I think, and 3 times up because of endorsements back to level 3 (like 3 originally, 2-3-2-3-2-3). And, again, most reports are only because I pick a character. Not gameplay. Not verbal abuse. Not anything gameplay or social related, just for a character pick.

Why I'm writting this? Because I'm tired. Last game I've started to show signs of anxiety in another "let's blame the torb" situation. Shouts on voice, calling to actively boicot me on voice and chat, calling for reports to the enemy team. All this while trying to keep playing the game because I was the one making the picks (and was demostrated the moment I changed to zarya that we didn't achieve any more pushes even when saving people from being picked… there was no good flanking and people were not listening to directions or strategy and just blindly running towards the enemy bastion).

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I'll repeat, I have got anxiety because of playing a game on goodwill while walking extra miles as to just make the team comfortable (that I absolutely wouldn't have to do, because I'm still doing good and If stats were public everyone could just see who is the people not helping the team, and not the off-meta). Chest-pain, blood pump, shaking hands… you know it. It was not fun, I seriously considered dropping the match but it'd have be another report point against me and I dont want to lose my account.

I don't know if this post will help anybody or what, or if it'll reach blizz and maybe help them somehow better balance the game, but I know that I had to give this out. People are getting health problems because of the toxicity asociated for playing the game like it was meant to be.

  • Report system doesnt work and it blames the victim
  • Voice chat is a danger zone where people can just say whatever and it wont get recorded. You can report them but you have no argument against that.
    • Also, voice chat is much more hurtful. I have had people laughing at me like maniacs. Even if you could mute them (hinders gameplay) they make the rest of the team hunt you too.
    • Getting out of voice chat makes for more call outs on text chat. It also becomes a reportable offense for not playing with team and not getting on voice for calls and stuff.
    • Not enough tools to prevent this.
  • There should be auto banable stuff as for telling "cancer", "I hope you die of a heart attack if you have anxiety", "Are you a child for not taking criticism?" and stuff people very much freely put on the chat.
  • There should be a way to publicly show my teammates than I doing my job. Stats shouldn't be hidden, it promotes lurkers, and point-blamers looking to make someone feel bad in the safeness of his privacy. It becomes a game of "who shouts more" rather than "who is doing his job".
  • There should be more slots for "avoid teammate". I have had many times where I got 2 times the same teammate who went full toxic because of my pick, making me play subpar or rightly have him afk or throw the game under the excuse of "fu*k the torb". 3 people are not enough, specially in ranked.
  • And the most importantly: I'm fu*king getting a very bad health condition just for playing.
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Thanks for reading up to here guys. I don't know what others experience have you had, I think that mercy, Symettra or Hammond mains will have gone through stuff like this too.

TLDR: Got heavy anxiety symptoms because of climbing playing my main DPS (torb). Swapping, communicating or other stuff didn't help. Wanted to share.

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