The true meaning of the Kanji poster in Hanamura analyzed

Overwatch10 - The true meaning of the Kanji poster in Hanamura analyzed

What I am referring to in this post: https://kotaku.com/overwatch-isnt-very-good-at-picking-kanji-characters-1780728171

I know that this analysis of mine is rather very late, but here it goes.

Ever since the "Dragons" cinematic came out in May 2016, there have been many claims that the 4 characters (竜頭蛇尾) written on the scroll at objective B of Hanamura was poorly chosen by Blizzard, because the letters literally read as "Dragon's head, snake's tail", which is an East Asian idiom that roughly translates to "anticlimactic". I mean, if I were the owner of a centuries-old castle and head of a powerful crime family, I certainly would not leave a poster that reads "anticlimactic" hanging in one of my castle's most important chambers (where Genji almost died), would you? Well, after giving it some thought, I came up with my theory that this wasn't Blizzard's sloppy handiwork, especially considering that their games are very well known for their deep background stories and lore.

If you look around the Hanamura map, there are also quite a few other 'posters' with similar appearance. However, these read differently, (七転八起 to be exact). You can find these pairs of posters hanging at places like inside the attacking team's 2nd spawn point, inside an entryway close to objective A entrance right next to a small health pack, and also to the upper right side entrance to objective B (only a single poster here). 七顚八起 means "fall over 7 times, but stand up 8 times". It's an idiom referring to someone who bravely faces their challenges in spite of constant failure. One thing you should keep in mind here is, 七顚八起 is originally a Chinese phrase. However, just like many other words/saying in Japanese that come from China, they use slightly different spelling (or choice of characters, I should say). In Japanese, the idiom goes: 七転八己. Notice the slight difference in the 2nd character? Blizzard went into enough detail and did their research to select the correct character for the idiom, given that Hanamura map is set in Japan. And 七転八己, the correct "Japanese-style" version, is indeed what we see in-game.

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Given this fact, I find it hard to believe that the developers put "竜頭蛇尾", or "dragon's tail, snake's head" at objective B by mistake. I believe that 七転八己 (the other 4 posters) refer to the Shimada brothers' history where they bickered at each other for power, and Genji wasted away his youth on frivolous pursuits. However, after their confrontation, Genji has become a new man/machine? that has forgiven his brother and is now trying to advise Hanzo to get over his past and the suffering that he brings upon himself. As for the giant scroll at obj. B, "竜頭蛇尾", is I believe the Shimada clan's grand "motto" if you will, where it tries to tell the story of Hanzo who was once a Dragon but now has fallen to the ground. This idiom is referring to the Shimada brothers rebuilding the world as humble beings that they have destroyed and also serves as a lesson to others who may happen upon the scene of Hanzo's once attempted fratricide and trying to teach them the potential dangers of power and authority, (succession of the Shimada clan) which were what drove Hanzo to do such a thing.

But hey, that's just a theory, A GAME… Whoops, wrong subreddit! 😀

TL;DR: the 4 letters written on the giant scroll at obj. B "竜頭蛇尾" refers to Hanzo's fall from grace and is teaching us a lesson that we can learn from the Shimada clan's past.

Edit – the "七転八己" posters I'm referring to: https://imgur.com/a/T1TjZky

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