Theory to answer many mysteries

Overwatch1 - Theory to answer many mysteries

This will be my first post here as I’ve searched everywhere for what I’ve found out and hadn’t found anyone discussing it and so I’ve come here to reddit to explain and hope it spreads.

Now to begin to explain the theory I figured out on Overwatch we must first look into mercy’s combat medic Ziegler skin this skin holds one of the most interesting and impotent details out of every skin in Overwatch. Her gauntlets. These gauntlets she has have these syringes sticking out of them that’s because the gauntlet more than likely constantly observes mercy’s vitals and then injects her when she’s in need of healing explaining her self healing abilities in the game. Now many are probably wondering what this magic healing stuff is well that answer is very simple once you think upon it. It’s Nanites. Going with that idea helps in many ways for nanites can self replicate virtually anything including themselves which helps explain how mercy, Ana and Moria are able to heal omics, D.Va’s mech and people. Since nanites are able to replicate pretty much anything.

Now knowing this to add some proof into this theory that may be exactly what’s happening. We must look at the hero gallery for more hints. Go to Ana and look at her epic skins specifically her merciful skin it has the description “Ana’s biotic rifle uses a modified version of mercy’s healing technology, though the weapon was created against the doctors wishes” knowing this enter Moria who’s a member of Blackwatch who sees this new intriguing tech being created and modified thanks to Ana. With that in mind Moria now attempts her own modifications and heavily weaponizes the nanites and creates a super unstable healing variant (explaining her spray rather than a controlled beam like mercy)

Now with all that knowledge we can immediately go on to say every single healing aspect of the game is literal nanites soldier 76’s canister releases nanites programmed to repair (heal) damaged allies and ignore enemies. Zenyatta’s harmony orb uses nanites to heal while his discord orb uses them to weaken the armor of his enemies thus giving us the in game damage boost to the single target. As for mercy’s damage boost it’s nanites just moving through the body to increase muscle mass temporarily and to coat their shots in nanites giving the damage boost.

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With all that explained we now move to Reaper now many people still speculate what reaper is and his condition well allow me to answer that for you. He’s walking living nanites. Now to explain it’s been shown that Moria has been doing experiments on Reyes throughout the omic crisis and even afterwards until the inevitable destruction of the Overwatch HQ. Well those experiments was a weaponized form of nanite tech within a living host. Now after the destruction of the Overwatch HQ I speculate most of Reyes was destroyed only to be rebuilt by the nanites within him which are now malfunctioning causing a constant decaying and rebuilding process as nanites constantly tear him apart and rebuild him.

Continuing with that stated and explained now we move to Reapers abilities his teleport is just the nanites tearing him down on the molecular level and rebuilding him in a different spot. I believe a hint exists in game as you can see purple circles within the black one during his teleportation those are the nanites moving to that spot and rebuilding him. Now for wraith from that is just the nanites spreading him apart enough for bullets to pass through him rather than into him.

And now finally the biggest meme his guns. They are also nanites they fire nanites which tear apart his opponents and return to fix reaper explaining his vampirism effect. Now you may be asking why doesn’t he need to reload? Simple his guns are dropped since they are nanites they dissolve and he reaches under his cloak where new ones are replicated as if he’s a walking replicator. And repeats the process. Now for his ult Death Blossom that’s the nanites constantly replicating at a much faster rate he can appear in multiple places as he’s technically temporarily cloning himself to fire in multiple places at once. Now for the final two bits of possible evidence. It has been said within Overwatch Reaper has been said to leave lifeless husks behind many believing he can absorb souls. That isn’t the case what is happening is reaper is a walking nanite virus that tears others apart around him to fix himself.

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Now I’ll leave you with the final bit which is a quote by Reaper himself in one of the comics when he fights Ana before retreating he tells her “remember they left you to die. They left me to SUFFER”

Thank you all for reading if you all agree disagree with this I’d love to hear it. And I hope this explains enough for this to me and a few of my close friends see this as what’s going on in Overwatch now and why nanites are terrifying and how Overwatch’s story is super good and still so interesting. Have a wonderful day.

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