There’s a Twelfth Night scene on the computer in Don Rumbotico

Overwatch7 - There's a Twelfth Night scene on the computer in Don Rumbotico

It's in the operations room, the upper right when you're facing the back door toward the sea fort.

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Cesario -suspiró Olivia. Su cabello cayó sobre su hombro, y Viola intentó desviar la mirada. Cesario, acércate.

Mi señora, por favor -dijo Viola con firmeza-. El Duque…

No está aquí. Pero tú sí. ¿Y no habías venido a devolverme mi anillo? -La mano de Olivia rozó la suya, y era cálida, tan cálida.

Translation, via Google (if there's an error, I'd love to know!):

"Cesario," Olivia sighed. Her hair fell over her shoulder, and Viola tried to look away. "Cesario, come closer."

"My lady, please," Viola said firmly. "The Duke…"

"He's not here. But you are. And had you not come to return my ring?" Olivia's hand brushed hers, and it was warm, so warm.

Twelfth Night is a comedy by Shakespeare following a central love triangle between Viola (disguised as a man named Cesario, this is why the message calls the character both), Olivia, and Duke Orsino. Viola is in love with Orsino, who is in love with Olivia, who is in love with "Cesario".

This is a prose version or adaptation of Act 3, Scene 1(
twelfth night.3.1 - There's a Twelfth Night scene on the computer in Don Rumbotico

link to play's text) where "Cesario" is sent again to woo Olivia on Orsino's behalf. Previously, in Act 2, Scene 1 Olivia sent her ring to "Cesario" as a token of her affection, and that's the mentioned ring. You can see they go a little differently. (The prose is almost fanfic in its sighing quality, lmao)

This is the second Twelfth Night reference in relation to Havana. The cigar company is named Viola y Orsino (
you can see it on the original teaser as well as their shop on the map). It's also like the fifth version of a Shakespeare reference for Havana. The Viola y Orsino logo doesn't depict a scene from Twelfth Night; it's the famed balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. The theater is also showing an adaptation of The Tempest, and La Cocina de Miranda is arguably named for a main character in The Tempest, Miranda.


I don't know if it's related, or if it's simply also on the table, but there's a case of casino chips on the desk. I'm not about to estimate the value of the chips, but for story logic reasons, it's probably a lot.

nxud88uid2t21 - There's a Twelfth Night scene on the computer in Don Rumbotico


Max owns a casino in Monaco, but he also owns Don Rumbotico.

Note, this could all be actually related to narrative of the present-day version of the map, not the Archives version.

I don't have any ideas where this computer message is going, if the chips are related, when in the timeline it is, why so many Shakespeare references. I do a little more speculating on Twitter, but I just wanted to make a post here about the computer and desk.

ETA: Literally seconds after I hit enter, the map hits PTR with ALLEGEDLY all this stuff on it because it looks relatively unchanged aside from weather effects, so it is PROBABLY related to the present-day, not Archives. Max appears to still own Don Rumbotico in the present. Someone let me know if these still exist on the PTR.

That said, according to the patch notes, the garage is named Taller de Sebastián (Sebastian's Workshop), arguably another Twelfth Night reference. Sebastian is Viola's twin brother, from whom she is separated in the shipwreck occurring shortly before the beginning of the play. His entering the story allows Viola to reveal her true identity and breaks the love triangle; Olivia falls in love with him instead, and she marries Sebastian while Viola marries Orsino.

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