This is a departure from the usual wallpaper content I post. I want to right some wrongs.

Overwatch10 - This is a departure from the usual wallpaper content I post. I want to right some wrongs.

I've been quite active on the Overwatch subreddit lately, and most have probably already seen my name attached to some video file of a background with music bars. Recently, a lot of people have been making it clear to me that it is my duty to credit the original artist or artists, whoever they may be, and I completely agree. I want to apologise for any confusion or misdirection I may have caused to anyone in this community, and make it clear that I am not the person drawing or rendering these images. My original intent was to make something that people could relate to and resonate with, and at first it was something that I enjoyed doing just because it was satisfying to create something thematic out of a game that I love and add my own touch. However, I am aware of the number of people that I have been reaching recently on Reddit with my wallpapers. Some people trolled through my threads saying some pretty nasty stuff and downvoting everything in sight, but a few individuals really opened my eyes to the amount of exposure I could have given these artists, an opportunity which I failed to see and am determined to not repeat the same mistake again. As such, all future creations of mine will have the original artist credited at the top, above all of the download links and instructions that have become customary in my posts. However, I wanted to do more than just promise to do better in the future; I want to show my investment in creating something awesome for the Overwatch community with the help of these talented artists that I in no way posture as being comparatively skilled to, and I want to highlight my immense respect for the people who made this possible for me to make available to you. As such, all previously used artwork will be listed below, with the artist credited and their pages linked. I will be adding to this list as I find more people to credit, so if it's not immediately listed, rest assured I am still searching for them!


Ana – made by ASK, on pixiv
D.Va – made by KNKL, on DeviantArt
Genji – made by 韩一杰, on pixiv
Lúcio – made by u/g70460us, on Reddit
Reaper – made by HardRainer, on DeviantArt
Sombra – made by Nuckha, on Steam
Widowmaker – made by Krisedge, on DeviantArt
Zenyatta – made by Whistler, on Steam

I will be contacting each of these artists individually and asking if they feel comfortable with their artwork being posted / edited for Reddit. If the answer is no, the backgrounds will be removed within the day. Thank you for reading, and as always, have a wonderful day! 🙂

Also, a special thank you should go to u/FranniBaka for picking up my slack and doing the work where I did not. Thank you for the credits you laboured to find and post in my comments section, it really shows how dedicated you are. Here goes to emulating you! <3

EDIT: All past wallpaper creations and their crossposts now have links to the artist in the introductory post!
EDIT 2: Lúcio artist found and credited
EDIT 3: Sombra artist found and credited
EDIT 4: Zenyatta artist found and credited
All artists have been found and credited, any further events will be added as they occur.

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