This Week in Overwatch | March 25th – April 1st

Overwatch2 - This Week in Overwatch | March 25th - April 1st


323471 - This Week in Overwatch | March 25th - April 1stOverwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 25, 2018


PTR won't open

Hey there, we're aware of this issue and we're investigating. Sorry for the hassle, cheers!

  • Warnecke | Lead Software Engineer

Overwatch process continues after close

Thanks for posting this issue. We are investigating it further.


Video | Overwatch Cosplay Battle, Europe – Behind the Scenes

I think the Paris lighting should be reverted back to how it was before

Hey there, the lighting on PTR is a bug and will be fixed before the patch is live. Cheers!

  • Warnecke | Lead Software Engineer

Please confirm this about rendering device

Render Device Lost is a bit misunderstood, it’s the error we show when you hit a graphics driver error, more specifically during TDR.

Over the life time of Overwatch we’ve seen several different causes for this to occur. These range from bad hardware, driver updates during game play (can be in the background from a windows update without the user knowing it was happening), overclocked hardware, driver bugs, and our bugs… and that’s just a short list.

Right now we’re not aware of any bugs (in OW or in drivers) that are causing problems. Most recently users with RTX cards had some stability issues which were resolved with driver and windows updates.

Our general advice for users hitting this is to update drivers, update windows, if you’re overclocked remove it temporarily to see if that helps, and finally check windows event viewer for more details which could help identify the issue.

Hope this helps, sorry you’re hitting stability problems. Cheers.

  • Warnecke | Lead Software Engineer

PTR wont launch

Thanks for contributing additional information to assist us. There is a new PTR update that potentially corrects this issue. Please let us know if you still experience these problems.

Overwatch process continues after close

Thanks for posting this issue. We are investigating it further.


Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 29, 2019


What happened to the Developer Updates?

Sorry we haven’t been doing these as frequently. We do have more planned for this year.

We recorded one last week that will go live next week (I think?)…

OWL News | Break before Stage 2

Atlanta Reign

Boston Uprising

Chengdu Hunters

Dallas Fuel

Florida Mayhem

Guangzhou Charge

  • jE4dYJHY1Ok - This Week in Overwatch | March 25th - April 1stVideo | More Than Goats Stream 03.28 | Guangzhou vs Chengdu Showmatch

  • Video | A Study on the Guangzhou Charge – Part 1 | Volamel

  • Video | A Study on the Guangzhou Charge – Part 2 | Volamel


Hangzhou Spark

Houston Outlaws

London Spitfire

LA Gladiators

LA Valiant

New York Excelsior(NYXL)

Paris Eternal

Philadelphia Fusion

SF Shock

Seoul Dynasty

Shanghai Dragons

Toronto Defiant

Vancouver Titans

Washington D.C. Justice

Contenders News

North America





South America


Remaining News

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