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Overwatch9 - Turn-Based Strategy Overwatch

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Basic Game Rules:

  1. All maps are control point maps. Capture speed and percentage gain speed have been reduced significantly to extend the life of the game, since people are taking turns. It's naturally more drawn out you need the extra time to reassemble and coordinate an attack.
  2. All heroes have 250% of their normal HP pool (ie: 200 HP -> 500 HP)
  3. In the beginning of the game, players cannot move or act in any way other than look around, emote, and spray. In turn order, which is showcased on the sides of the screen for each team, players take 6 second turns in which they can move and act freely as they wish. Between each turn, there's a 2 second grace period.
  4. Each team will have one person taking a turn at a time, but it will be simultaneous, so you'll never be the only one able to do something on the map. Someone from the enemy team is also taking their turn while you take yours, so be careful.
  5. After your 6 second turn is over, you will not be able to move or act until your next turn.
  6. Health packs provide a 1 minute buff that provides +50% Max HP Pool, and the buff timer resets whenever you pick up another health pack. 1 minute is enough time to enjoy that buff for your current turn, and your following turn. Health pack respawn rates are multiplied by 5 making them scarce.
  7. If you end your turn in mid-air, the game will suspend you in mid-air and conserve your momentum. You will continue your momentum on your next turn. However, if you are damaged or experience knockback in the interim, your suspended air position and conserved momentum will be forgotten and you will suffer whatever is coming at you. Note: Sombra does not experience this suspended air position and conserved momentum due to a translocator issue.
  8. At the end of your turn, your current action is cancelled, with the exception of Sigma. Sigma's ultimate will not be cancelled at the end of his turn, and his damage absorbing ability will not be cancelled at the end of his turn either. He will finish the absorb ability and get his shields.

To add some interesting interactions in gameplay, some heroes can perform particular actions while it is not their turn, and in the cases where a cooldown is used, those cooldowns have been extended to 20-30 seconds for balance.

  1. Rein and Brig can raise their shields. This is mainly to balance out Rein so he isn't useless. Rein is actually really good because he has charge for movement, and can still protect his team. Note that shield regeneration rates have been reduced across the board to make shields feel like more of a precious resource than something easily expendable every single turn.
  2. Sombra can translocate as long as she has already placed her translocator somewhere out in the world. She cannot throw a fresh new translocator while it's not her turn.
  3. Genji can use deflect.
  4. Baptiste can use regenerative burst.
  5. Doomfist can use his ultimate ability, and he can move with his ult.
  6. Zarya can use projected barrier on an ally.
  7. Symmetra can interact with her portal.
  8. McCree can flashbang.
  9. Ashe can coach gun and reload.
  10. Widow can look through her scope and crouch
  11. Winston can punch
  12. Junkrat can place a bear trap.
  13. Mercy can heal with her primary healing beam, but note that her healing output has been halved completely.
  14. Lucio can swap his song between healing and speed.

Some heroes can naturally provide value between turns, as follows.

  1. Lucio's healing aura does heal at all times even when it's not his turn. Healing output has been reduced 30%.
  2. Zenyatta's healing orb and discord orb both function while it's not his turn, and healing output has been reduced 20%.
  3. Symmetra's turrets work while it's not her turn, but Symmetra's overall damage output has been significantly reduced down to just 25% of her normal damage. This is for balance so that turrets aren't too strong.
  4. Torb's turret does work while it's not his turn, but like Symmetra, Torb's damage has been significantly reduced down to just 30% of his normal damage, again, for balance because turret farms ult quickly and can kill people while it's not Torb's turn.
  5. Sigma's, Orisa's, and Winston's barriers all perpetuate as expected after their turns are over.

In addition, some heroes have some modifications made to them.

  1. Ana's nanoboost instantly gives the target a free turn at the very moment, and that turn lasts for the entire duration of nanoboost. This can be thought of as an extra turn, allowing for the nanoblade combo among other combos, as well as a means to enjoy the damage boost portion of nanoboost. The standard turn order and turn changing mechanisms remain unchanged during this time and the nanoboosted hero will simply be a third hero taking actions during the game instead of the normal 2. If the end of the 10 seconds lands on that player's turn, that player continues to be able to move and act until their turn is over.
  2. Genji's dash has a significantly reduced cooldown and travels a little farther, making genji one of the fastest moving heroes, adding viability to this hero.
  3. Orisa's Halt ability has some issues in the way it works with the suspended position and conserved momentum mechanics, so I removed it entirely and replaced it with a custom hook ability that plays a lot like Hog's hook, except that it doesn't stun, doesn't do damage, and can target teammates as well as enemies. This gives the ability several functions. You can pull teammates that have overextended back behind your shield, or your can pull enemies into a pit or just right in front of you so you can slaughter them. You can pull enemies off the high ground.
  4. Moira's orbs have tripled in total potential damage and healing to add viability to this hero. This is because fade doesn't really do very much in this game mode where you're not really reacting as much.
  5. Wrecking Ball's minefield mines are permanent until destroyed or replaced with a new minefield.

Here's some observations I've made in playtesting.

  1. I haven't playtested Ana much but from the small amount of time I've played around with nanoboost and its ability to give an ally an extra 10 second turn out of nowhere, Ana is probably an MVP in this mode for sure. On top of that, she can sleep dart the acting enemy player to blow them out of their whole turn.
  2. Some might say that DVa bomb, rip-tire, and high noon are all pretty good ults when enemies aren't moving.
  3. Sigma is very ideal in this turn based format due to his very mobile barrier and the fact that his ultimate's damage scales with max hp, and so he doesn't care as much about the natural HP boost that everyone has. His ult just cleans it up.
  4. Both of reaper's abilities, teleport and wraith form, are movement abilities. Also, reaper can absolutely pummel massive damage to people easily in this game mode, making him one of the strongest and fastest heroes, all with built in self healing.
  5. All of the control maps have some element of deadly pit. This makes Roadhog very good, because his hook can be a free kill almost every turn, and if not, has the power of repositioning enemies to exactly where he wants them to be and from a pretty far distance away. His ultimate ability pushes enemies off the point so that it can be flipped back into his team's favor. Remember, these are all control maps.

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