Unpopular (?) Opinion: Doomfist’s PTR Nerfs make the hero unreliable to play

Overwatch4 - Unpopular (?) Opinion: Doomfist's PTR Nerfs make the hero unreliable to play

I'm in no means an expert on this topic, but I feel that the recent changes towards our friendly neighbourhood onepunchman on the PTR make Doomfist just plain unfun and bad to play.

I do greatly agree that the soft CC that upper-cut and seismic slam provide are horribly irritating to play against when you're on the receiving end of it, as it really makes people feel that they can't really do anything about the e-shift combo. And imo the removal of the soft-stuns are to an extent very fair.

Doomfist's Ultimate was heavily resized in the PTR and has allowed supports and DF's targets to have a way to play around his ultimate, making the DF-support/200hp hero match-up more fair for the target. However, this requires so much precision and foresight for the DF player to thread the needle in order to get anyone into the inner circle of the ultimate.

Furthermore, with the distance changes on DF's seismic slam and thus the reduction in damage of DF's e-ability, seismic slam has become solely a mediocre mobility tool to be used together with the uppercut because now, the only reliable way to take an engagement is to right click someone into a wall, upper-cut and seismic slam to get out. This brings away so much of the skill and flexibility that allows DF to be such a fun hero.

Only time will tell if Doomfist will ever be viable in the upcoming metas, or if he just falls-out and becomes a low-tier pick.

I'm really really really interested in what the rest of the Community thinks about this.

tl;dr: Doomfist's changes on the PTR take away the flexibility and reliability of the hero, making him unfun and boring to play

Links: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/incoming-ptr-changes/252313


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