Unpopular Opinion: I like being in bronze

Overwatch7 - Unpopular Opinion: I like being in bronze

Bronze/Silver/Gold get a lot of slack for being the worst of the worst ranks to be stuck in, but I disagree. Sure, you have a ton of people who are going to smurf down to play in the low elims and absolutely wreck the team. That's not always fun, in fact it can be pretty infuriating. But the lower elims can be a lot of fun too, and here's why.

  • Bronze players know they're bad: We know we're in the lowest elim, and we know we're absolutely dreadful. We're going to own up to that. 95% of Bronze players will tell you that they're bad at the game, and we absolutely make fun of the 5% that are disillusioned into believing that "it's not me who's bad, it's the rest of my team. I would be diamond if my team wasn't holding me back."
  • Gameplay is much more casual: In Bronze there are going to be people who throw, and that's pretty frustrating. But most of the time people are having conversations and enjoying themselves. They're chatting with each other, making silly jokes or commentary about what's going on in game. Sometimes there's the random dude who's singing, or there's that weird guy cracking jokes through a voice changer.
  • Every good play of the match is hyped up more because you're in a low rank: When D.Va gets a three person kill with her ultimate people go crazy. When Lucio boops 2 people off the edge or into the well on Ilios , people go crazy. Every small play is instantly more exciting, and your team members get excited for you. In higher ranks, this isn't a big deal because it's expected. You're expected to play well all the time. In Bronze that's not the case, doing well is a surprise and everyone gets excited about that.
  • Team composition and coordinated plays don't matter: You can run all offensive heroes and easily win the game. Or you could run all support and 1 tank and win the game. I had a match where we ran all support and absolutely killed it. Honestly, every team comp has a chance at a win. You don't even have to be coordinated. You could play a bunch of flankers who hunt down the team from behind and win. You could have a Mei hide behind the tree in Numbani and sneak onto point and win the game because the team is either spread out, or got co*ky and played too far ahead.
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In Bronze people still expect you to contribute and try, that's a given like with every other rank. Some people are frustrated because they've played match after match and feel like they drop 500SR as soon as they're close to hitting silver. I've had a lot of those moments, and they're not very fun. There are games where no one talks, and that's not always fun. But there are a lot of nights where everyone talks and just laughs with each other, and that's so much fun. I've had a match where a Scottish guy commentated on everything like a disappointed British dad at a football match, that was hilarious. Another match I had a team that was all women, and that was so cool. We grouped up for the rest of the night and everything was so chill and coordinated. We had a lot of laughs, and even though we lost, we still had so much fun. I complain a lot that I want out of Bronze, but I don't think I care too much. If I was out of Bronze I would have to pick specific heroes to play, and I wouldn't enjoy myself as much. I like Bronze, and I'm really tired of these high ranking players trying to shame me for being in Bronze, because there's no shame in having fun!

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