We need 2-2-2 and we need it now

Overwatch3 - We need 2-2-2 and we need it now

So I love Overwatch. I think It's one of the most fun games I've ever played, and I love playing it. It's a game, that when It's good, It's amazing; but when It's bad, It's really bad.

Today I played three games of quickplay. I don't really play ranked because I don't like the stress. In my opinion, quickplay should be a gamemode where you can have fun, try to do well, but without the stress of losing.

  1. : It's King's Row! I love King's Row. I love playing tank, even support. Even DPS sometimes, sure. So I pick Zarya. But what happens? My teammates insta-lock 4 dps. I basically can't play Zarya anymore. Zarya without a Rein is useless, and with only one healer is hard, but 2 would make such a big difference. So I'm forced to play something I don't want to and the game is ruined for me.
  2. : It's Hollywood. I want to play tank, as always, but once again my teammates insta-lock 4 dps. I'm forced once again to either feed on tank, or switch to DPS and somehow win. Either way, I'm not gonna have fun. And neither are my teammtes, since we are just gonna play against a bunker comp and feed.
  3. : It's Hanamura! I really like playing Zen on Hanamura, so I'm gonna pick that. But my teammates insta-lock 5 dps once again, and refuse to switch. As expected, we just feed our brains out on first point, having to play against a decent balanced comp, and we lose the game. All of this without not having one bit of fun.


My conclusion is, that obviously my teammates have the right to play DPS as I do to play tank or support; but having 3, 4, 5 dps is not fun neither for me who wants to play something else, neither for them because we are just gonna lose. By playing with so many DPS, you are just gonna get rolled against a decent comp. And even if the other team also is playing 5 dps, it's just not gonna be fun. Playing 5/6 or whatever against the same thing is just a mess and not fun to play.

What's the solution? It's easy, it has been in talks in the community for so long: 2-2-2. With this feature, whoever wants to play DPS will be able to play it, and whoever wants to play tank or support also will be able to. The games are gonna be balanced, it's gonna be 2-2-2 vs 2-2-2, not 5 dps against 2-2-2, which means that one team is certainly not gonna have fun even playing. And this is not even only for tanks and support mains; My dear DPS mains, what would you rather: Play 6 dps vs dive, or play 2-2-2 in which you have tanks that create space for you and healers that heal you?

I know this has been discussed a million times, but I just really love the game and I just can't have fun right now. Not because of the game itself, but because of this issue.

I love Overwatch, It's such a fun game and I have been playing it since the open BETA. But please, I just want to play tank with a balanced team composition.

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