What ability ideas do you think would be cool to add to characters?

Overwatch5 - What ability ideas do you think would be cool to add to characters?

Be as unbalanced and imaginative as you want to be! Anything can be replicated through code (to a degree haha). I've been having fun creating abilities with the help of a lot of people that are amazing at their craft! Suggest something, I'd love to take a shot at it! We can even convo about it in a dm and workshop things.

Some abilities I've been planning for/working on:

  • Solar System Sigma: The 8 planets + pluto orbit around Sigma damaging/setting status effects upon foes who come into contact with them. Sigma can shoot out a planet in a linear direction where they explode on contact.
  • Pharah Airstrike: Pharah targets 3 locations. After a brief moment rockets fall from the sky damaging players within the targeted radius.
  • Ana Mind Control: Ana shoots out a slow-moving short-ranged projectile (the camera's POV is set to the view of this projectile). If the projectile comes into contact with a foe before it reaches its max range, Ana takes over the body of the foe. During the mind control duration Ana steals points from the foe whenever she gains a point in their body.
  • Mercy Debuff Deflect: When Mercy is debuffed (frozen, burned, stunned, knocked down, rooted, poisoned, naded, hacked) she can negate the debuff and apply it to everyone around her within a small radius.
  • Winston Net Trap: Winston creates a destructible device that traps foes in its radius.
  • Mcree Lasso/Quicksand/Horse Riding Abilities:
    • Lasso: Mcree lassos an opponent knocking them down allowing him to pull them towards him or dragging them along the ground.
    • Quicksand: Mcree throws a slow arcing projectile where if making contact with the ground creates a small area of quicksand.
    • Horse Riding: Mcree spawns an Orisa which he is on top of. During the duration of this ability, the player controls the movement of a sped-up orisa and the abilities of Mcree.
  • Ashe Currency System: Ashe can pay other characters for ult charge/health/cooldowns/truces as well as purchase upgrades.
  • Sombra Clone: Sombra can create a clone that targets enemies and heals her. Hacking the clone makes them explode. Pressing the Interact key makes the clone hack. If the clone hacks Sombra, the clone dies and Sombra gains buffs. Extra: clone offers no ult charge or points in FFA.
  • Zenyatta Truce: If Zenyatta communicates hello to a foe within a small radius both the foe and Zenyatta are in a truce for 30 sec. During a truce, neither the foe or Zenyatta can damage one another, and the foe is healed over time = to the amount of an orb of harmony. Whenever the foe or Zenyatta gains a kill, the other gains a point as well. Extra: the truce can be interrupted by the death of either partner.
  • Extra: Cancellable Abilities such as rein charge/widow grapple.

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