What everyone seems to forgot about OWL

Overwatch8 - What everyone seems to forgot about OWL

(Not English-native trying to do my best but i'm french y'know my country give me a malus of 10 in english)

I was reading the comment within the post of OW winning the award of "Best ESport Game" and something blow my mind. Everyone seems to forgot what right now OWL create for everyone who is related to esport or gaming and why it's really beautiful and yeah justify prize like that.

Right now OWL try something new for ESport, trying to gather some brand who are not usually in gaming stuff (Ex : Toyota). Teams are not just "teams" anymore they are organisation who manage a team and casually open a store in new york for a few days and selling their own clothes that they design themselves for exemple. It's incredible the amount of things achieved in the past year by this game, it's only on is third year on the market. I mean we have literraly seen Rawkus for a commercial about a service of renting professional butler. A "professional player of video games" was use for representing people who can possibly use the service of butler.

The point is, owl changes the point of view of everyone in and out of the market of ESport. Everyone is watching what OWL achieve, how he do it, where he doing mistakes, what they can already do, if they can do it better, preparation to maybe make it happen in their game too. If i'm not wrong Riot is launching a system of franchise for is new season (LEC). Imagine a system of franchise for most of the game who is ESport right now, is that not what the dream that everyone who love those game want to pursue ? In one year OW show to everyone that crazy thin is possible. When they were talking about "making history" in the finals they were not just talking about the history of the games, they were talking about the history of ESport in all it's greatness and how for the first time two different city of the world literraly fight for saying "I'm the best at this game !".

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It's what really behind OWL right now, it's not about viewership, numbers of players, popularity…It's about what is achieve for ESport, for gaming, for ourselves "gamers".

I hope my thought was express well, wanted to share it with everyone. Have a nice day !

(if i make really big mistake of english don't hesitate to tell me, will try to correct it quickly)

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