What Storm Rising could have been (feat Talon team)

Overwatch5 - What Storm Rising could have been (feat Talon team)

So, here's my take on what the mission could have been, had it featured the Talon Team (Baptiste, Sombra, Doomfist, and Reaper).
Here's my take on what it could, and should, have been.

Note, for the events, the enemies would be mostly the same, but colored dark blue-ish, Soldiers would be "Security", enforcer would be "Police force", Sniper "Intervention" and Heavy would be "Heavy Soldier" or something of the sort. They wouldn't have assassins.
I'd also suggest a modified version of Eradicator Omnics, but colored to look like police robots, labeled "Riot shield".
Of course, to accommodate Doomfist's 'hit or die' playstyle, most enemies' health would have to be slightly scaled down, so he can one-shoot shotgunners and basic mooks. Other note: Since in my mind this will be Baptiste's last mission with Talon, and the one where he realizes that he's the bad guy and could stop, most interactions will be about/with him.

*(Mission begins with a shot of Havana, at night) *
Maximilien: After our losses in Venice, it was decided that Talon had to expand in other parts of the world, to widen our interests. And Havana was just what we were looking for
Now, we only needed to acquire one of the enterprises there, and we had found the perfect one.

(cut to Reaper shadowstepping behind some guard, choking them out one by one.)
Reaper: The previous owners hadn't agreed to sell it to us, so it was time for a more direct method.

(cut to Doomfist on a balcony, three guards below. A brief pause before he slams down, killing the three.)
Doomfist: We wouldn't leave empty-headed, that place would be ours.

(cut to Sombra sitting at a computer, a dead guard on the ground, before she smirks, gets up, and leave the room)
Sombra: Of course, just the place wouldn't be enough, we also needed to have their records, their addresses, everything…

(cut to Baptiste watching over Reaper and Doomfist, nodding as he sees they're ok, and climbing down to rejoin them)
Baptiste: My mission was the same as usual: protect my team, and make sure we all get out of there alive.

(Selecting heroes/before the door opens)
Maximilien: The storm will be a perfect cover for you, but I'd advise to not linger for long. (opens the door)

Reaper: Everyone's ready? Go.
Doomfist: Stop kidding around, we're on a mission.
Sombra: Not that I'd mind looking around, but we're here for a reason, no?
Baptiste: Let's get going, we don't want to be caught by the storm.

(Leaving spawn)
Maximilien: You're not far, and resistance should be light.
Baptiste: There're still going to be police forces?
Maximilien: Of course.

Doomfist: The distillery's not far, so let's get going.
Baptiste: There're still going to be police forces?
Doomfist: Why wouldn't there be?

Sombra: Nice place, shame we don't have the time to visit.
Reaper: Focus.
Sombra: Yes, 'sir'.

Reaper: Follow my lead, and don't do anything stupid.
Sombra: Is that directed at me?
Reaper: Yes.

Baptiste: I can heal you, but avoid getting hurt regardless.
Sombra: (teasing) You don't want to do your job?
Baptiste: I want you to get out of there alive.

(Progressing through the streets)
Baptiste: Actual police forces? Riot shields?!
Maximilien: There're just making sure everyone is inside before the storm hit.
Baptiste: Wonderful.

Maximilien: I under-estimated the police presence in this area.
Reaper: They probably don't want anyone inside the distillery during the storm.

Doomfist: Haven't fought actual police in a while.
Reaper: You're not on the field often.
Doomfist: Not as often as I'd like, true. But someone has to lead.

Sombra: You didn't tell us we'd have to face actual police, Max.
Maximilien: I'd think our information expert could have told us that.
Sombra: I wasn't warned I'd need to do it.

Reaper: Hm. Stronger resistance than expected.
Maximilien: Will that be a problem?
Reaper: Not one bit.

(In front of the brewery)
Maximilien: Take out the guards and get inside, you do not have much time.
Doomfist: Do you doubt us?
Maximilien: Of course not, but you do not have the luxury of time.

Baptiste: Can't believe I'm taking orders from an accountant.
Maximilien: The accountant that sign your checks, Augustin.
Baptiste: Right. Forget I said anything, sir.

Sombra: I bet there's lots of information inside.
Baptiste: Inside a distillery?
Sombra: There's information everywhere.

Reaper: More guards. Hurry up.
Doomfist: I'm not the one you need to tell that to.
Reaper: That's why I wasn't talking to you.

Doomfist: This will be Talon's in a few minutes.
Sombra: Not if we don't get inside.
Doomfist: We will.

(Getting to the back)
Sombra (standard, plays every time): Changing the records to make it ours. It'll take a few minutes to go through everything.

Baptiste: We're fighting actual government forces now, they even sent a sniper after us.
Doomfist: Do you have a problem with that?
Baptiste: (hesitates a bit) No, sir.

Baptiste: Hey, boss.
Reaper: Hmh?
Baptiste: Any risks of Overwatch getting involved? We're actually attacking government agents.
Reaper: Their leaders are too busy fighting among themselves to pay much attention to us. And even then, it'd take them a few hours to come to us. We should be done by the time they're even aware there's a problem.
Baptiste: How do you know so much about them, sir?
Reaper: 'Know your enemy', and I pay attention to the news.

Sombra: Akande, the World MMA finals are happening tonight. Doomfist: Did you do as I asked?
Sombra: Yes, the recording of the match will be ready for you when we get back. I joined all I could gather on the finalists.
Doomfist: Good. Thank you.


Maximilien: I urge you to keep the collateral damage to a minimum, we do want to set up shop there and keep the distillery functional.
Doomfist: There'll be no traces of a fight once the cleanup crew gets here.
Maximilien: I'd prefer to not even need them for tonight. I know you're capable of precision work.

Reaper: Keep calm, we're halfway there.
Sombra: Everything's going well so far, I don't see why you're so tense.
Reaper: You don't succeed without being careful.
Sombra: Pfff, that's what YOU says.

(end of First wave)
Baptiste: Hey, boss.
Reaper: What is it?
Baptiste: About our new recruit, the sniper… She's really good, but she kinds of creep me out, where did you find her?
Reaper: That's none of your business, grunt.

Baptiste: Sir, why did Overwatch go after Antonio? Everything he did was 100% legal, right?
Doomfist: Obviously, but Overwatch is getting jealous that we might take their place as 'protector of the world' one day.
Baptiste: So that's it? Simple fear of losing their job?
Doomfist: Yes.
Baptiste: (sounding doubtful) If you say so…

Sombra: You know, Reaper, Baptiste is right, you do know an awful lot about Overwatch. Your sources are even better than mines.
Reaper: That's because they're secret, (changes tone to threatening) and will stay that way, understood?
Sombra: (chuckles) Right, I'll stop asking about them then, 'Reaper'.

Reaper: So, did he fight back hard?
Doomfist: Who? The former Doomfist?
Reaper: Yes.
Doomfist: He lacked ambition, but he certainly knew how to fight, I'll give him that.

Maximilien: The records are taking a long time to changes.
Sombra: They're more extensive than i'd thought.
Maximilien: We do not have as much time as we want.
Sombra: I know.

(end of Second wave)
Maximilien: The distillery will soon be ours.
Doomfist: I already have some plans for renovation.
Maximilien: You'll tell me about them later.
Doomfist: Of course, the mission comes first.

Sombra: So, Baptiste, moving up in the world, I see?
Baptiste: What do you mean?
Sombra: I mean, you're on a mission with two of the leaders of Talon. You must be very proud.
Baptiste: (sounding unsure/half-hearted) Of course, I am.

Baptiste: What're you doing here?
Sombra: Pardon?
Baptiste: I mean, you're not really part of Talon, so seeing you on such a high-profile mission is surprising.
Sombra: I may be independent, but Talon is still the ones signing most of my checks.
Baptiste: I see. Well, working with you is always a pleasure.

Reaper: That's not the last of them.
Sombra: What makes you say that?
Reaper: That we're not dead yet.
Sombra: Reassuring.

Doomfist: Stay careful, more will be coming.
Baptiste: And whose fault is that?
Doomfst: Theirs. They should know to stay down.
Baptiste: Right.

(Before activating the truck)
Maximilien: Good, now that the distillery is ours, you should go inform the previous owners of it.
Reaper: Where're they?
Maximilien: The old sea fort, it's been repurposed as an anti-Hurricane shelter. Its door is quite thick, so you'll need some explosives to blow through it.
Doomfist: Would a truck full of high-pressure, pure rum do the job?
Maximilien: (sighs) I suppose, if you REALLY have to, it can be written off as corporate expenses.

(Leaving the distillery)
Baptiste: They actually sent a military unit after us, a heavy soldier!
Doomfist: That changes nothing.
Baptiste: We have the actual military on our back now!
Doomfist: And they'll die like the rest.

Reaper: The storm is getting there, we don't have much time.
Doomfist: We still have enough before the storm hits.
Reaper: It's going to be tight.
Doomfist: I don't deny that.

Sombra: You're sure we couldn't let the storm do the job for us?
Maximilien: As old as that fort looks, it's been renovated and reinforced multiple times, so no.
Sombra: So we have to break the door, kill everyone inside, and get out before the storm really hits? Wonderful.
Maximilien: Indeed. That's why I send you.

Maximilien: A pretty fort, isn't it? I already have a few ideas on how to renovate it to better suits us.
Doomfist: It's owned by the distillery's owners as well?
Maximilien: It, the distillery, and the dock where you're walking. Among a few other holdings.
Doomfist: You always had an eye for new acquisitions.

Doomfist: Get in, kill everyone, get out before the storm really hit.
Baptiste: 'Kill everyone'?!
Doomfist: Having doubts now? Too late for that, they'll come after you whether you stay with us or not.
Baptiste: Right. You can count on me for now.

(Final boss: The Dropship)
So, from Retribution, we know that shooting the dropships enough makes them smokes and start flaming.
So let's incorporate that as a boss mechanic!

Once the truck is brought before the door, the dropship approaches and will drop troops (normal soldiers, snipers, riot shields, etc…) until it's destroyed.
The mission only ends when the dropship is forced to retreat, with a animation playing of it crashing against the fort thanks to the storm.

(Dropship destroyed)
Maximilien: Blow up the door, get in and get out, now!

(Ending cinematic, shot of talon troops moving through the distillery and the castle)
Baptiste: The mission… was a success. Dum Rumbotico was Talon's property, and officially, it had been sold to Talon just before the storm hit, with the previous owners dying inside the castle thanks to a faulty renovation that made it unsafe.
Talon could expand its empire to Cuba and get richer for it. Overwatch suspected foul play, but couldn't prove anything, even to this day.
(shot changes to Baptiste looking at the ruins/corpses inside the fort with a disgusted expression on his face while other troops gleefully plunder it.)
As for me… I left Talon the next day.

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