Wild Speculation: There will be an Archive event in Egypt with Null Sector

Overwatch10 - Wild Speculation: There will be an Archive event in Egypt with Null Sector

Minor spoilers for those of you who haven't played Storm Rising.

One of the interactions we have in Storm Rising is this
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brief conversation between Sojourn and Mercy:

Sojourn: "Just a reminder Mercy, we're gonna need your medical assessment on the Egypt situation when you return."

Mercy: "Is Commander Morrison actually thinking about sending Overwatch?"

Sojourn: "I'm sure he'll take your recommendation into consideration"

We've already seen in the
Uprising Comic that Mercy is happy to go against the orders of the Prime Minister of England in the interest of saving lives, given that she calls him a fool and partakes in the mission that defies him. If she has a belief that Overwatch should be there, she would state it and stress they should intervene.

In the same conversation from the Uprising comic Mercy also states:

"It'll be Egypt all over again, and we don't have the resources to deal with another humanitarian crisis."

Remember that Uprising takes place roughly a year before Storm Rising. This means either one of two things: 1) Egypts crisis was eventually resolved by Overwatch, and they have just been struck with another crisis. Or 2) The crisis is still on going after a year. I am more inclined to believe it's the second personally, though the first also kinda works.


But why an Archive event in Egypt with Null Sector? The Ending Cutscene for Storm Rising shows Maximilien is ready and willing to "introduce" Overwatch to his "associates" in order to save his metal hide. Overwatch were using Maximilien as a means of getting to Doomfist. Where's Doomfist? Oh. In Egypt. Where a humanitarian crisis appears to be ongoing after a year. And he's meeting with what is very likely to be either a leader or the leader for Null Sector, given his distinct purple paint job and the fact that he's meeting with Doomfist. A place where Mercy just asked Sojourn if Morrison was considering sending an Overwatch team.

Later in the cutscene, Doomfist states:

"My friend…the world doesn't understand visionaries like us. I respect what you're trying to accomplish. You fight for your kind. It's…noble. And doomed to fail. But with Talons help, that can change."

From this, it's possible that this Omnic figure has been leading some sort of small rebellion in Egypt this entire time. Going back to the 2 options from before either 1) A big attack was made previously an failed, but still caused a humanitarian crisis. He's just launched or is gearing up to launch a second attack. Or 2) Rather than a full scale attack like King's Row, this Omnic has gone for smaller skirmishes and constant terrorist-like attacks that keep the city plagued.

So the speculation is that Max gives up Doomfist's location. Overwatch fly over to Egypt to try and catch him there, but he escapes to Numbani while they go up against this mystery Omnic and his sect.

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