[Workshop] – SCP: Survival Protocol-76 v1.0 (I made an SCP-themed survival horror gamemode on Overwatch!)

Overwatch9 - [Workshop] - SCP: Survival Protocol-76 v1.0 (I made an SCP-themed survival horror gamemode on Overwatch!)

b9um800pmez21 - [Workshop] - SCP: Survival Protocol-76 v1.0 (I made an SCP-themed survival horror gamemode on Overwatch!)

Hi guys! I made an SCP: Containment Breach-themed gamemode in Overwatch! It's basically a monster survival gamemode, but with SCPs as the monsters!


is embedded below, but here's the YouTube link!

for SCPs can be found here!

Warning: Mild unsettling imagery and some loud noises.

SCP: Survival Protocol-76 Trailer. Apologies for the potato quality gameplay footage, my computer is as powerful as a secondhand microwave.


What is SCP? SCP stands for "Special Containment Procedures", in references to containment procedures used by a secret organisation known as the SCP Foundation. The SCP Foundation is tasked with securing and containing anomalous objects and entities (such as aliens, sentient statues, pronoun-bending toasters, literal Gods, an Ikea etc.) found throughout the world (and by extension universe) and keeping them hidden from the public eye. Think Area 51, or Warehouse 13. Read more about it on the SCP Wiki which you can find easily on Google.


Play as Soldier: 76, one of the survivors of a site-wide containment breach in a facility located in China. Survive until the time runs out and you'll be rescued!

Alternatively, play as one of (currently) five SCPs and wreak havoc on the whole facility with your newfound freedom and deep-seated bloodlust!


Soldier: 76 as survivors

The unfortunate facility staff. Stays just about the same as the normal Soldier: 76, with the exception of biotic field, which has a longer cooldown.

Current available SCPs:

Zenyatta as SCP-173 "The Sculpture"

The mach-speed concrete-and-rebar neck-snapping peanut. Incredibly fast. Freezes if within view of a survivor, but can briefly move every 5 seconds while being viewed, as though the survivor "blinked".

Reaper as SCP-106 "The Old Man"

A mysterious, powerful entity with a unique way of hunting prey. Melee enemies to send them to your pocket dimension. Press Q to enter/exit your pocket dimension. Use your wraith form to phase through walls.

Winston as SCP-096 "Shy Guy"

Don't mind him, he's a little shy. Slow-moving while passive, but enters a temporary rage state if someone views your face (Other parts of the character model are generally fine).

Mercy as SCP-049 "Plague Doctor"

Bearer of "The Cure to End All Cures". Basic two-hit melee and normal walking speed, however you can press E near a corpse to reanimate them as a zombie slave to hunt down more survivors.

Bastion as SCP-079 "Old A.I."

Escape the facility? Why not *become* the facility? Switch camera positions by right-clicking on * icons throughout the map. Press Ctrl to view the surveillance control panel and access any camera on the map. Press Space while aiming at a doorway to initiate lockdown and block the doorway with a wall. Press E while aiming at a doorway to activate its tesla gate and stun anyone (survivor or SCP) passing through.



Code of the current version is available here! – 5W5N6 – Try it out once Workshop hits live 🙂

To set-up, just change TEAM 1's name to "SURVIVORS" and TEAM 2's name to "SCP" (that's the important part)

If you do use the code, do be sure to credit me in your lobby title or description with a simple "gamemode by Therister". I have put in a great deal of effort into this project so I hope that's not too much to ask.

Future Plans

I don't intend to add much more, besides maybe two more SCPs in the far future. I'm pretty happy with the gamemode as is and I'm especially busy with school life.

Known Bugs

As SCP-079, if you move your mouse too quickly while pressing Space, you may not build a wall but will still change to Mei for five seconds regardless. This is caused because there's a minor lag in executing the actions when the "is button held" condition is fulfilled and if you move your reticle too quickly that can cause the ray casting to go somewhere unintended. Just don't be feisty and it shouldn't be a problem.

Sometimes in the pocket dimension, touching an orb does not do anything. Typically this can be fixed if you just back up more than 3 meters and walk into it again, but sometimes it just refuses to respond, which can be a problem if you're in the Red Hallway which has only one orb. I have no idea what causes directly causes this bug exactly, and I could technically fix it by implementing a failsafe system, but I personally think it makes the pocket dimension a little more unpredictable and gives SCP-106 a chance to catch up with trapped survivors when they need to run to a different orb.

Very rarely, SCP-049 is unable to resurrect a corpse even when they are directly next to it. I don't know if it's permanently fixed because I haven't seen it pop up in a very long time, but there's a slight chance it might pop up in-game. sorry lol

Do message me if you discover any new bugs!


All external forms of media used in both videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. If otherwise stated, rest of the media belongs to yours truly.

I realise that there's also another SCP gamemode that's being/been developed on this subreddit called SCP: Recontainment, which is pretty incredible by itself but there are definitely some similarities. Now I've spent a lot of genuine time, effort and pain in developing this gamemode and I began work on it long before I even knew Recontainment existed, so I hope I don't get mistakenly labelled as some cheap copycat. Just to clarify, any similarities between this gamemode and any other Workshop gamemode is purely coincidental, with the exception of SCP-173's freeze mechanic which was directly inspired by the Weeping Angels gamemode. Believe it or not, this includes SCP-106's "wall phase" mechanic, which I had designed and developed even before DarwinStreams posted his version of the "wraith through walls" mechanic (if I'm not wrong, he teleports using a local forward vector from event player position while mine teleports using a "nearest walkable position" value, which is probably why mine is shittier.)

You should check out the other SCP gamemode made by Rimer021, SCP: Recontainment, which features way more than 5 SCPs, including non-playable object SCPs!

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