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All Lootables In One Map For Red Dead Online

red dead redemption 9 - All Lootables In One Map For Red Dead Online

After roughly 166 hours mapping/data entry/learning basic JS, CSS, Google & Leaflet Map API, RDOMAP is finally live. It contains 972 locations and I'll be adding more – I do believe i've found 99% of all lootable items, so up next are gang hide outs, ambush points, camp fires and herbs.

I am unable to get adsense on the website despite trying 5 times now, each time it gives "No Valuable Content", so I have put a link to a Patreon at the top. If you're able to give $1 that would be great – it is set to immediate payment, so you can pay it then opt-out so as to not get charged again next month, but if you are able to give monthly that would also be great. I have decided not to setup a soft paywall and am just going to hope it can pay for itself. Anything extra will go towards custom icons, continuous updates, an SVG map to get rid of pixelation, VPS hosting, a dedicated game tips section and much more.


I have no connection with rdr2map (the single player map similar to this) – I did attempt to get in contact with them, hoping they would be able to take my locations, but am still yet to get a response, so now RDOMAP.COM exists.

I will be adding a form page to the website soon so that if you come across something that isn't on the map you can submit it for me to have a look at.

Hope this helps and that you're all still having fun on RDO.


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