Red Dead Redemption 2

An analysis of a parallel I discovered, that probably influenced the storyline.

red dead redemption 3 - An analysis of a parallel I discovered, that probably influenced the storyline.

Arthur will sometimes sing a ballad to himself on horseback. Out of curiosity, I looked up the lyrics. The ballad is called Cole Younger. A song inspired by the outlaw story of the Younger brothers, or the fellow gang members associated with Jesse James. Here is a list of similarities I compiled between red dead’s storyline and the story of Younger gang.

-Cole Younger was an outlaw, oldest of his gang that included 4 brothers. Bob, Jim and John. all educated; their father was killed by union soldiers when they were young that fueled their disdain to the union (Dutch, anyone?)

-they were pursued by and outrunning Pinkertons/posse’s after dozens of bank and train robberies (but this is more or less common for wanted outlaw gangs in the 19th century).

-they stayed in Texas for a time to live in peace.

-generally took a charming and gentlemanly approach as to not draw attention to themselves.

-principled, stuck to a moral code of sorts.

-their downfall was the botched robbery of a bank that went awry, and two of their men were killed. Two civilians were killed in crossfire.

-the brothers desperately fled to Minnesota immediately following the incident, then found themselves in conflict with a rival local gang. They couldn’t be trailed due to severe storms. They fled empty handed.

-however, they were soon captured but Cole and Jim survived long enough to be released.

-the younger brother, Bob, died of tuberculosis in 1889, age 35.

-John was killed by two Pinkerton agents; Jim ran to save him, but was too late as he falls dead (Hosea, no?) John died before his brothers imprisonments.


-Jims whereabouts at times were uncertain as he came and went from the gang. He came back in time to join his brothers gang in time to escape with them after the failed bank job. Upon leaving the gang, spends a few years working at a ranch.

-Cole dies 1916. He wrote memoirs and considered himself a type of patriot, like a patriotically driven outlaw of sorts.

-I found a few of his quotes interesting as I feel it pertains to Arthur, and some of Dutch’s musings:

“For a man who has lived close to the heart of nature, in the forest, in the saddle, to imprison him is like caging a wild bird (made me think of Saint Denis. as it was like a prison to them). And yet imprisonment has brought out the excellencies of many men. I have learned many things in the lonely hours there. I have learned that hope is a divinity; I have learned that a surplus of determination conquers every weakness; I have learned that you cannot mate a white dove to a blackbird…”

and finally:

“There is no heroism in outlawry, and the fate of each outlaw in his turn should be an everlasting lesson to the young of the land.”

many thanks if you fellas bothered to read this! sorry if there’s any mistakes.

Edit: I’d like to add that I found out that Jim also had joined the police force in the south, so he could evade suspicion while robbing a bank. he was found out.

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