Red Dead Redemption 2

Charles and Micah are pollar opposites

red dead redemption 7 - Charles and Micah are pollar opposites

So im in my third playthrough and i have been staying around camp longer and i have noticed how different those two are.

First of all their donation style is extremely different.As you might already know Micah and Charles are some of the best providers in camp (of course they are not Arthur level but their usefull).

Micah condributes large sums of 25$ every 2 or 3 days and yells at the entire camp to give him attention amd praise him showing his insecurity and lack of commitment, he also refuses to do any chores.

Charles contributes multiple animal pelts that cost around 2-3$ a day and might donate some pure cash as well, he also does chores and and doesnt beg for attention like Micah.

Charles also helps Arthur out by making him poison and fire arrows.

Overall Charles donates more but in smaller chuncks without being obnoxious and gets less attention.

One other thing i noticed is the clothing, Micah wears tight clothes to hide his "assets" and make himself look more imposing, we later learn that he is actually unfit.

In fact Micah even wears a leather jacket in Lemoyne which is the hottest area the gang visits.


As for Charles he seems to wear looser outfits that are practical and comfortable, at first this make him look heavier and unfit but later on we learn that is clearly not the case.

As for their treatment of fellow gang members, Micah clearly tries to become friends with high hierarcy members of the gang (Dutch) and always expects others to praise him and despises less active members like Uncle or Rev Swanson, he also seems to harass women in camp making sexual innapropriate comments and expecting them to have sex with him.

Charles does his part and doesnt bother with what other people do, he also seems to only fraternize with people he actually likes (Arthur) and doesnt bother with impressing people like Dutch or other high rank members, also the only person Charles seems to openly dislike is Bill Williamson potentialy due to Bills past in the millitary and prejudice against Native Americans.

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Well i know this might be quite badly written and most people wont read it sooooo.


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