Red Dead Redemption 2

Does Micah deserve some sympathy?

red dead redemption 3 - Does Micah deserve some sympathy?

Now obviously Micah is a piece of shit but did anyone else notice that the few times he was sincere or tried to do the right by the gang he got shut down.

He was the one who convinced Dutch to seek peace with Colm O'Driscoll to stop the two gangs from feuding, and when this turned out to be a trap to capture Arthur he actually shows remorse and apologises to Arthur for his capture and torture, saying: "the one time I try to be wise and careful and I make a damn fool out myself, that'll teach me".

Throughout the first four chapters he quite friendly Arthur even calling him brother, and is held in contempt every single time. He often compliments Arthur on his earning ability and toughness, and despite not getting along with the less capable members of the gang, I'd definitely say looked up to Arthur until after he put his plan in motion to sell out the gang.

Even with all the racial remarks he makes, he still makes an effort to befriend Lenny, the two go out drinking together, and at the beginning he doesn't even respond to Lenny mocking him, instead choosing to punch Bill for laughing instead. He even develops a friendship with Javier as the story progresses, after antagonising him over his Mexican heritage at the start.

When he earnestly tries to ask Mary-Beth to dance he gets very painfully rejected, which probably reinforced his view that the gang did not give two shits about him, which was probably a factor in why he gave them up to the Pinkerton's in the end.

He shows contempt for the weaker and less capable more members of the gang, commenting that a lot of them were dead weight but was he really wrong? He despises Strauss method of earning via loan sharking same as Arthur. He picks on the Reverend numerous times quite cruelly, but he was right that the Reverend barely contributed to the gang, despite being called out for his behaviour by the other gang members.


After he and Arthur gun down all the Gray's at Rhodes, he defends Bill after Arthur berates him for setting up the meeting, rightly claiming that he was just trying to find a lead, same as Hosea, and that Sean's death wasn't his fault and is immediately chastised by Arthur.

In contrast to the some of Micah's dialogue around the camp ridiculing his brother for leaving the outlaw life, a letter from his brother reveals that he still writes to him (presumably as he is the only family he has left) and in turn is warned by his last remaining family that he will try to murder him if he sees him again.

A lot of people seem to think that Micah got arrested by the Pinkerton's and threatened with death of he didn't hand the gang over, but I think the more likely explanation is that after sincerely trying to be apart of the gang and contribute in his own violent, twisted and fucked up way, he was hurt by the members of the gang constantly rejecting the gang and decided to rat them out to the Pinkerton's out of pure spite. The fact that the gang was clearly going to fall apart during Guarma, and that the closest thing he had to a friend in Lenny was killed in the Saint Denis robbery probably contributed to this.

He's a violent, sociopathic, vicious criminal, but I definitely think his few sincere efforts toward the other gang members being disregarded definitely contributed to his selling them out, instead of just ratting to save himself, I think Rockstar wrote him to be a deeper character than that. It makes no sense that the Pinkerton's managed to capture Micah alive, being one of the most ruthless and dangerous fighters in the gang. I believe that Micah constant rejection by the gang fuelled his nihilistic philosophy that there are only winners and losers and drove him to turn on the gang. I fully prepare to get downvoted for this, but just thought I'd put it out there.

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