Red Dead Redemption 2

Dutch never had a plan (spoilers)

red dead redemption 6 - Dutch never had a plan (spoilers)

So I was a bit late to the game, I just finished it now. Easily one of the best gaming experience I have had so far. I’d like to share my thoughts about the ending and about Dutch’s character:

Dutch is a narcissist. He does not care about anyone else than himself and he never really did. Dutch doesn’t really have a plan, he always acts impulsively. He has masochistic, self-destructive tendencies and makes decisions that lead him and the gang getting into deeper trouble. He attacks Leviticus Cornwall’s train against Hosea’s advice because he just wants to cause mayhem. It’s always that next big score… but nothing is ever enough, because he doesn’t want to escape the outlaw life, this is who he is, this is all he knows. In this life, he is somebody, he has a gang, people who follow him and feed his ego. He never wanted to take the gang to Australia or Tahiti to settle down, I believe he would have had many chances to do so if he really wanted. But no, he just wanted to fight the system, because he thinks he is above it all, he can not live a normal life, there he would be a nobody.

Dutch didn’t care about Jack, he didn’t even want to let him and his mother go in Chapter 6, the reason he went to take revenge on he Braithwaits is because he had to in order to save his prestige.

He kills Angelo Bronte, only after Bronte starts talking shit to him and calls him out on his bullshit. Narcisissts don’t take kindly to insults. Dutch portrays himself as a Messiah but he is just a petty criminal, he fights for nothing.


In the end he walked away from Micah not because he felt sorry for Arthur or that his conscience got the better of him, but because he realized he had been played a fool by Micah. This hurt his pride. The sight of a dying Arthur, made him realize that he is in fact telling the truth. Note, that he doesn’t try to save Arthur, he just walks away and leaves him with Micah, which shows he doesn’t give a shit about him.

I have read some posts that claimed Dutch only teamed up with Micah to take revenge and it was all a part of a master plan, waiting for he right moment to kill him. This is absolutely WRONG. My first time playing that scene I immediately shot Micah and then Dutch shot John and it was game over. This shows that it was a spontaneous decision that led Dutch to kill Micah? Why? I’m not quite sure, it could’ve been just a fit of rage as he was reminded how he had been played 7 years before, or maybe he simply just got bored of him.

Finally he walks away, leaving the money. Why? Because he doesn’t want the money, he DOESN’T HAVE A PLAN. He isn’t thinking about tomorrow just, just lives day by day.

He is easily the best protagonist Rockstarbhas created and the fact that a lot of people still believe his bullshit, and think he was anything but evil, shows how well his character is written. Truly a masterpiece in writing.

The whole story is tragic. I could go on about what an absolute idiot John Marston was to think he ever had a chance to live a normal life as Jim Milton right near Blackwater, but that would be a topic for another discussion. (He took out the loan as John Marston smh).

Anyways I’d like to hear what Your opinions are about all this?

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