Red Dead Redemption 2

How i got to level 47

red dead redemption 8 - How i got to level 47

After posting this i have had quite a lot of people in boxing me on how i levelled so fast, so here goes… IMPORTANT STEP READ FIRST: Use the bow and not the rifle like in the clip!!!! I'm using the rifle in this clip as it's before i discovered why to use the bow. This location In Saint Denis has a ladder leading to the roof, it is the only way up. So you get a wanted level, make your way to the top and farm the police. The reason you use the bow is simple, the bow kills with a headshot award is only 100 kills (takes no time at all to get), where as every other weapon requires 1000. So, you farm the police making sure to get a headshot which is easy on the ladder. Fully levelling the bow headshot kills give you around 1000xp, once its maxed you reset the reward and repeat. At the same time you will also be levelling up your awards for 1000 bow kills, 1000 enemy kills and surviving a wanted level. Like with the other award, every time you max them out you reset. Add all that to the 5xp per kill, 10xp eyes wide shut and 5xp every every few seconds and it racks up super fast. The only issue with this is you will spend quite a bit on arrows and get no money in return so i recommend getting a few hundred to tide you over. Also when you run out of arrows its fastest to die abd it will spawn you next to the mailbox where you can replenish your arrows. Here is the gif of the method and location, i hope this helps

Also, no life helps a lot lol. I have just had surgery to rebuild my knee, so i have been bed bound for a few week with nothing to do

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