Red Dead Redemption 2

I met a gal just outside of Valentine (Long)

red dead redemption 5 - I met a gal just outside of Valentine (Long)

This happened last Saturday. She rode up and waved at me rather than put a bullet in my head. I waved back. She asked if I had any luck finding pigs, as it seems they became scarce after that

dropped. I said no, as I continued skinning a sheep, and that it’s rare not to get shot just looking for them. She said the hunting in the swamp had been better as the snapping turtles fetched a good price. She asked if I wanted to join her. I agreed, and she sent me a posse invite.

We rode East, talking about little tips and tricks that we’ve both picked up, and the amazing Dutch impression from the aforementioned money-making guide. We stopped at Emerald Ranch and each picked up a quality bull hide. One of the ranchers saw me, and an animal slaughter witness turned into two assault witnesses which became seven murder witnesses. I decided it was time to go, barely avoiding the law that was dispatched to investigate. We met up again northeast of the station and continued East.

We found an abandoned train just north of Saint Denis and tried our best to load our haul onto one of the flatbeds without success. While she was looking for her snappers, I headed into town to sell what I had and to find a wagon. I succeeded and brought back an open back that we set against the tracks and started to load up with our haul. She had happily bagged a perfect alligator snapping turtle by the time I got back, although the only one she found that trip. I stayed with the wagon, spotting heron and spoonbills as I saw them spawn in the distance (the real money) and keeping her prized turtle safe.

With our wagon and horses loaded, she guided the wagon while I ran behind to make sure nothing fell out. We made it back to the butcher, and I brought my horse over to sell the feathers and carcasses that I had loaded. When I turned back, the wagon was gone. All the hides and animals were on the ground where it had been, but no wagon. I asked if she had moved it but didn’t get a response. I was confused, her horse Candy was still here where she left it… but she was just… gone. I checked the player list, and my current posse and didn’t see her on ether.

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By the time it dawned on me that she ether got disconnected or was silently moved to another lobby, also I realized that I was so caught up in what we were doing that I never friended her, and I couldn't remember the exact spelling of her Gamertag to look her up. I checked my recently played list, but later found that only updates on missions and playlist activities. 30 seconds had passed so I didn’t have a chance to make a recording to try and catch her GT. I sold what we had brought back and stood there a little disheartened that our adventure was suddenly over.

I know this post is going to be ignored into the Reddit void, but, if somehow you happen to read this. Julie, I never got a chance to tell you…

That stupid turtle was only worth like $3.50, it was NOT worth the effort to bring that thing back. Even a small gator would have fetched a better price plus hide. I fed Candy a carrot and sent him on his way. I don’t know why, just seemed like the right thing to do. He thanked me by kicking me square in the chest before running off. He’s a good horse.

TDLR: Snapping turtles are not worth hunting in the swamp unless it’s the ONLY three star you can find.

Had some luck with the pigs finally.

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