Red Dead Redemption 2

It was planned this way from the start

red dead redemption 7 - It was planned this way from the start

The high costs/low earnings and push towards mtx was put out this way on purpose, as basically a way to gauge the reaction to it and see what they could get away with.

People will/and have complained so then they’ll adjust the levels a little bit to make it seem more fair, but really they wanted it at that level all along.

Then they’ll be praised for listening to the community and making things more player friendly, when it was only bumped up to absurd amounts just so their slightly lower absurd amounts seem reasonable.

It’s an old sales tactic, retail stores do a similar thing sometimes, bump prices up before sales go on then the sale just puts the item back at its original price. But it seems like you’re getting a discount. Although I’m pretty sure that’s illegal now.

I guarantee this whole thing was planned out from the start, they knew people would be in an uproar, in fact they had bet on it. They almost definitely have smart people on their financial and marketing team that can predict outcomes to scenarios like this, and it’s one of the few ways they could keep their prices relatively high while still seeming like the good guy that answered the community outcry. This wasn’t some oopsie

Just my theory anyway. I’m only playing the game to mess around with a couple friends so I have little interest in grinding or paying them real money.

Edit** it’s probably also part of the reasoning as to why you can’t purchase gold bars atm, because they aren’t supposed to stay at their current value, and they didn’t want to have to issue refunds. Also it’s a beta, but ya

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