Red Dead Redemption 2

Level 40 here, putting together advice for my fellow RDO players!

red dead redemption 2 - Level 40 here, putting together advice for my fellow RDO players!

This list is a mish-mash of advice and tips I'd give to new and experienced online players alike. These are just ways to enrich the experience, so take everything with a grain of salt, as they are my opinion.

  • If you are hunting and someone is near you, aim your gun and wait, don't fire unless you know they mean to harm you. If the player is friendly and simply wants to hunt with you, be kind as to place a perfect pelt/carcass on their horse. Encouraging each other to be friendly goes a long way in keeping the player base happy and far less cancerous.

  • If O'Griefscolls start to harass you, and you don't feel you're skilled enough to fend them off, just find a new session. Let go of any pride or desire for revenge and you'll avoid a headache. All griefers want is attention. Try a new lobby and deprive them of their childish desires.

  • New players, if you're in game chat or playing with higher-level players, follow their lead. If they're doing an objective differently, than try to play along. Most likely, they've done missions enough times to know the best strategies. (Not all the time. Some players are just bad.)

  • Vice versa, high level players, practice patience when playing with new players. They're still grasping the gameplay of online, and getting angry because they're not professional killing machines will discourage them from acting friendly or wanting to play at all.

  • Do not, DO NOT, try any exploits cancerous YouTubers upload. Play the game legitimately, the desire to receive items quickly is tempting, but you'll probably just be banned/reset/punished, and even worse, you could lead to everyone getting reset at the end of the beta. You'll feel better just warning things slowly.

  • You don't need the fastest horse or fanciest clothes to have fun. If you like the shire for it's large, imposing unit of a body, the American Standardbred for its elegance, or the Morgan for its cuteness, then take that horse. Unless you're racing, you don't need the best horse. (If you like the Arabian, I mean no offense!) Just focus on having fun.

  • Need supplies but don't want to spend money? Hunt, or go to enterable buildings in the world and search their rooms. You'll often find food, gun oil, and other supplies that build up over time.

  • I advise not going for every weapon in the game if there's some types you don't enjoy using. My recommendations for weapons are as follows: Schofield, Lancaster, Bolt Action, Varmint and now. They're my favorites, but most I own simply for hunting, pick weapons that you like, not what's the best meta.

  • Want to earn experience faster? When stealth is an option, grab enemies and kill them with your knife. Melee gives 10xp, execution gives 10, and the kill gives 5. That's 25xp per kill. It stacks up over time!

  • Don't rush missions! The payout in gold, money and experience increases the longer it takes to complete. This goes for story and stranger missions, so unless someone is actively attacking you, relax.

  • Bored and don't know what to do? Roleplay! It sounds cheesy, but go into game chat if you want to interact with others, or play yourself as a lone wolf, try to make your own fun and you'll have fun! My character, Jeremiah, is a sharpshooter and wanderer who enjoys helping the occasional traveler (player) on the road. Just be yourself and have fun.

  • If you grief, you're the love child of Micah and Colm O'Driscoll. Just don't.

  • Finally, if you have questions or want to know anything at all, feel free to message me or comment below. Please upvote for visibility (or don't, if my post sucks!) Plus, if you need friends to play with (PS4), feel free to DM me for my PSN!

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