Red Dead Redemption 2

Little details you noticed that aren’t mentioned a lot (or at all)

red dead redemption 2 - Little details you noticed that aren't mentioned a lot (or at all)

-If a gun is poorly maintained, it will emit rustier sounds and a less loud gunshot than a well maintained one.

-Holding the fire button when cocking your gun will hold the cocking animation, which is pretty useful when re-focusing your next shot.

-Cooking food will have a different animation if you season it.

-Some characters like shopkeepers/sheriffs and town strangers (like Mickey) will look older in 1907.

-If you didn't finish a stranger's quest line as Arthur and continue as John, there will be a small cutscene where John introduces himself.

-However only Charlotte Balfour will be found dead if you don't finish her questline as Arthur (given the fact that she couldn't survive on her own unless Arthur taught her)

-Jean-Marc's remains can be caught with a fishing rod in the swamps outside of Saint Denis if you chose to kill him in Lemieux's questline.

-You'll hear more conversations about the new century in 1907

-O'Driscolls are replaced by common criminals in 1907 as they were wiped out in 1899.

-Gang members will compliment your hunt if you're carrying a dead animal around camp.

-They will also notice if you're carrying it for too long around camp and ask you if you forgot where Pearson is.

-Carrying rare animals will make them surprised and will praise you for it.

-Arthur/John will sometimes sing when drunk.

-You can roast NPCs by greeting them twice and then antagonizing them.

-Greeting/Antagonizing gang members when drunk also has different lines and reactions.


-NPC's won't take you seriously if you try to rob them at gunpoint while drunk.

-When Drunk, Arthur/John will have a different animation when getting off/on their horse.

-Bringing lawmen/enemies to camp will make the screen fade to black and you'll spawn back in camp. Dutch will then proceed to scold you for being stupid.

-Different ways to debtors in the money lending missions. For example you can confront Chick Matthew directly by talking to him first and pointing a gun at him, which will make him accidentally mention the debt and will trigger a foot chase instead of a long horse chase.

-Lots of different outcomes to home robberies. (killing the owners/hogtying them/coming back later/coming back as John and more)

-Knocked out NPCs will eventually wake up.

-John can't carry dead people/animals into Beechers' Hope because Abigail will probably be furious about it.

-Arthur/John will have a sick hunched pose if their health core is low.

-If their stamina core is low, they will breath heavily.

-If their dead eye core is low, they will squint.

-Punching a horse you've bonded well with will make it run away instead of kicking you.

-You can avoid being kicked by a horse when looting saddlebags if you calm it before.

-High Velocity rounds will mark exit wounds on enemies.

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