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Micah and Dutch Theory: Am I crazy for thinking this?

red dead redemption 6 - Micah and Dutch Theory: Am I crazy for thinking this?

Ok hear me out, but I get the sense that there is more to Dutch and Micah's relationship than the game lets on.

When Arthur starts interacting with Micah, the game made it clear that Micah had only been in the gang for less than a year. As the game progresses, Dutch continually sides with Micah over people like Arthur and Hosea, despite having known them for decades. Dutch continually makes it clear that he views Arthur like a son, yet he continues to side with Micah on almost every decision?

It was then that I considered this: Dutch is more likely than not in a physical relationship with Micah. Then, all the pieces fell together.

Multiple times, when sitting in camp, Arthur wanders in to Dutch and Micah talking, and one time Micah was even talking about "how smart and wonderful Dutch is" to Dutch. The way he was saying these things was almost flirtatious in his speech. Of course, Dutch just soaks it up.

Then, there's the trouble with Ms. O'shea. Obviously, Molly and Dutch are in a relationship, but she continually suggests that she thinks Dutch has been with someone else. Of course, what a coincidence it is that these troubles between Molly and Dutch happen right after Micah shows up. Later in camp, you do see Molly slap Mary Beth, more likely because of her suspicions about Dutch's infidelity. However, this is completely not surprising that she would blame another female gang member. Even if she knew it was Micah, she more than likely would reject the truth and convince herself it was another woman. This is because, despite her hatred for Dutch, she still loved him. If he were in a relationship with a man, it would mean that he liked men, making her relationship meaningless. At least if he cheated on her with another woman, she could convince herself he did love her in the past.


Dutch is also dragging Micah around with him to private places, as Dutch often says he and Micah "Need to work on the plan" to Arthur after the end of a quest. He uses this phrase so often, it leads one to wonder if it's a code for something else.

Another thing to consider is that Dutch often refers to almost all of the other men in the gang as "son" on occasion, or at least referencing he sees them like his kids in the family. Do you know who is never referred to as his "son"? That's right, it's Micah.

Whether it's the rumors of Dutch's infidelity, the language he uses around Micah, or the obvious tension in the scenes and conversations between him and Micah, it now seems clear as day to me that Dutch and Micah are in an affair during RDR2.

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