Red Dead Redemption 2

My Journey To Attaining Legend of The East Satchel

red dead redemption 7 - My Journey To Attaining Legend of The East Satchel

This is my second play through and I wanted to gain the satchel with Arthur as I plan to play with him for a long time during this play through, there is just SO much to do in this game! However this was no easy journey, and I just want to share my trials and tribulations with you all. This might prove too be very long and I don't blame you if you don't go through it at all, I just want a record of what I went through.

  • So after realizing that I actually enjoy looting every single inch of the O'Driscolls, Leymone Raiders & Pinkertons that I killed as well as getting addicted to hunting the actual wildlife, the constantly annoying message on the top left corner of how I can't harvest all materials due to limited storage finally broke me, I set out on my quest to obtain the Legend of The East Satchel

  • When I checked in with Pearson, I had already given him enough material to create the Valuables Satchel (I have no recollection of ever giving Pearson a perfect Beaver pelt as required for this satchel) however the main issue was hunting the elusive animals and getting perfect pelts for each. I waited until chapter 3 to obtain the Bolt Action Rifle, and hence shenanigans ensued

  • The easiest to obtain were the perfect Deer, Bison, Boar and Rabbit pelts as not only are they available in plenty throughout the dense wildlife, Rabbits actually love to run under your horse every 2 minutes

  • Now come the Buck and Elk hides, while they are common in the wildlife as well, they love to run together in groups and then everyone just suddenly branches off in different directions and you have to keep looking for the 3 star one because gotta lasso that asshole to prevent any damage to the animal, even when using the right weapon, still, easy enough to attain
  • Then came Badger and Squirrel, the most ANNOYING animals to hunt. Badgers apparently tend to appear during the night in specific locations so you just go around on your horse roaming the landscape like a madman searching for unending hours. I kept finding every other animal possible EXCEPT a badger, it was an exercise in madness. Luckily after sleeping twice on camp I stumbled upon a perfect Badger AND a Raccoon, which was also needed for one of the satchels, cannot describe the happiness I felt, I think I cried but it was mostly my eyes watering from half the day in real life having already passed and my eyes crying for mercy and rest

  • Now comes to hunting the Panther, he is a literal Houdini in the Red Dead Redemption 2 world. His most common spawn location is the dense woods behind the Braithwaite Manor and this is a proper dense jungle where you can't see a huge Elk, let alone a Panther that blends in so well with the mostly murky brown forest. Fellow players said they would repeatedly get attacked here but the Panther in my game just wouldn't spawn, even with Predator bait laid out. So I kept camping nearby and returning, after 4 tries I was legitimately frustrated and on the verge of giving up, I just decided to sit in a corner with my Rolling Block rifle and snipe birds out of sheer boredom. Suddenly my scope just said Big Cat on the bottom left and I could literally see NOTHING in the scope, the forest is THAT dense. I paused the game, increased the brightness and contrast and reduced that saturation and I could finally see a pair of eyes munching on a Rabbit. I pulled out my rifle, said a quick prayer and shot it near the head. The perfect Panther pelt was finally mine, Wakanda Forever
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  • Now the game said to unlock all the other satchels to just unlock the Legend of The East Satchel, and I thought after all this mind numbing hunting I would finally get the satchel straightway as I had created all the others as required. Sadly no, it unlocks the requirements FOR Legend of The East Satchel. It was 2 a.m. and I had been playing since morning 10 a.m. and I was ready to throw my controller. Another Deer, Wolf & Cougar pelts were required. But I didn't simply give up, I was determined to get that satchel the same day itself no matter what

  • The best thing about Deer is that while on my way to hunting animals listed above, I'd usually find a group of Whitetail Deer on the way, one of them often proving to be perfect, and the same happened again. Then on I went to the location south of Strawberry where Cougars are common, I had yet to hunt a Wolf and was dreading those so I went for the Cougar first. As luck would have it, on my way to the Cougar location I got attacked by a pack of wolves and using Dead Eye and the Bolt Action Rifle head-shot I was able to obtain a perfect Wolf pelt. I couldn't believe my luck, I was SO close that I did multiple saves after obtaining the Wolf pelt

  • Now onto Cougar, I expected it to be similar to the Panther but boy was I wrong. At first the Cougar also did not appear, but suddenly my horse bucks me off as randomly as possible, and the Cougar was RIGHT UNDER MY HORSE. It obviously attacked me as soon as I fell and well I was dead. It literally appeared out of nowhere and I had no chance to shoot it. Luckily I had saved my game before just as I had reached the location, reloaded my game and kept my distance while I looked for the Cougar through my Rolling Block Rifle. I found him munching on a Deer and almost dropped my controller in fear, but kept my cool and shot it in the head, I had three perfect pelts on my horse for the last satchel
  • Nervous as hell and having saved the game multiple times, I tried to get back to camp as soon as possible but all kinds of nonsense started to develop. I was sprinting on my horse and took a sharp right and banged headfirst into a rider, and fell down, afraid I had damaged my precious pelts, however all was good and I climbed back on my horse and tried to sprint again when I immediately crashed into another rider. I was becoming paranoid at this point, what does this game want with me? So I took the smart decision of slowing down, going to Strawberry first which was closer and then fast traveling to Rhodes, which was 5 minutes away from camp
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  • Finally, I was 5 minutes away, it was 3 a.m., I was going to make it, the camp was literally right there. Well guess what, on my way to camp a carriage nearby suddenly EXPLODES outta nowhere, my horse bucks me off and runs off, takes my guns with him of course and instead of the usual 4 or 3 attackers, TEN Leymone Raiders come out of nowhere shooting their shit at me in an open space. I was going to legitimately cry, I was so angry. I pulled out my dual pistols, activated Dead Eye and executed a head-shot on each and every attacker. Then I took the effort of putting all their bodies together and setting them on FIRE. Now finally I reached camp, crafted the satchel, saved the game, shut down the console and simply collapsed on my bed. It had been quite the day

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