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[No Spoilers] Some Quality of Life/Immersion tips from a Console player to all the soon to be PC players

red dead redemption 5 - [No Spoilers] Some Quality of Life/Immersion tips from a Console player to all the soon to be PC players

With RDR2 coming out soon for PC I thought I’d post some tips for the PC players who plan to really get into the story:

  • Don’t treat the game as a shoot’em up. It’s not always a gunfighting game like GTA (it’s actually quite the opposite oftentimes). Most times talking is the best way to solve problems in the open world. Including being accosted by the law.

  • In the cities and towns DO NOT SPRINT OR GALLOP, you’ll hit a person and get wanted. If you do end up getting wanted but don’t kill a person, however, don’t run, wait for the officers and they’ll usually just tell you to move along and you won’t incur any penalties.

  • If you get witnessed by an NPC committing a crime, but have your face covered, they won’t recognize you. If they go to the police, remove your face mask and let the Police see you. If you already have a bounty don’t be seen by them, but if you don’t talk with the responding deputy/Constable if they approach you, as long as you don’t act suspicious they won’t do anything and will just tell you to leave the area.

  • Don’t get wanted in the city if you can help it. You’ll just cause problems for yourself.

  • When out and about, look for smoke on the horizon, usually that denotes interesting areas or a campsite.

  • Take things slow, immerse yourself into the game world (literally, make sure you won’t be disturbed if at all possible)

  • Explore the open world. Almost nothing will have a map marker, only story and side missions, but a bunch of missions and locations won’t be marked, including weapons and special outfits.

  • Read Arthur’s journal, and any letters and notes you find. The letters and notes because they add to the world in wonderful ways, and the journal because it shows Arthur’s true thoughts on a lot of the events of the game.

  • Do most side missions as they appear and become available, a lot of them are time limited or only appear after a certain point in the story. Many have incredibly important scenes involving Arthur’s character, but require you to agree to help people. I highly recommend for your first playthrough you help everyone who asks.

  • RDR has an honour system, the endings are different depending on your Honour, in the later stages of the game, you’ll Start to see either a Buck or a Wolf in dream like sequences. A Wolf denotes low Honour, the Buck high Honour.

I’ll add, (and suggest for other players) to post more in he comments so I can add them to the main body of the post.

Online only, suggested by /u/Bertbond7: Red Dead Online isn’t a PVP experience, it’s mostly character progression.

I hope these little tips help all the soon to be new cowpokes!

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