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Probably unpopular opinion: With few easy to implement tweaks, online mode could become the dream survival, role-playing game that is much closer to the Story mode that everyone loved. Long post, but please hear me out.

red dead redemption 4 - Probably unpopular opinion: With few easy to implement tweaks, online mode could become the dream survival, role-playing game that is much closer to the Story mode that everyone loved. Long post, but please hear me out.

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It seems like most RDO players just wanna keep on murdering each other without any real goal but I thought I'd share my opinion anyway. This Reddit is flooded with memes every second so it will be hard to get any views, but hopefully, there are still some folks around here that appreciate a good discussion.

So while playing the story mode, before online came out, I kept on thinking about what will online be like. With all the amazing animations and mechanics that were already in the game, I thought the online mode could be the perfect survival sandbox, where we could role play in this astonishing world that Rockstar has created. I mean, it's already all there in story mode, right? Why wouldn't they re-use it for online?. The gang from story mode is how I've imagined myself and my mates in online. We were talking about how we would take turns scouting the area around the camp, my wife would be the camp cook (duh!), we'd take turns doing the chores, we'd hunt some game and use pelts for upgrading the camp and crafting some cool trapper gear. My friend that loves fishing would sell the fish in town. By the end of the day, we would all add a few bucks to the camp ledger and spend the night by the fireplace. Occasionally we'd go out to look for other player camps and make friends or rob people with the risk of being wanted in the entire state and live on the run.

Now that the online came out and we know what it is, my dream about making Online like the Story mode sounds crazy, but the funny thing is, it's all possible and it's not that hard to pull off. It could start with a few small changes and gradually turn into the best survival/role-play/sandbox game out there. Something truly special.

With that said, Rockstar would have to create a different kind of mode for us (something like hardcore mode in the previous game). Here are some changes and features that are a must for such mode and are easy to implement:

location indicators:

No player location on the map:

You can only see locations of your posse members on the map. Any other player is hidden. If you hear a gunshot, a minimap should show you general direction from where the gun was fired for a short moment.

How will players find each other?

The same way as in real life, they bump into each other. This will make every encounter special. It will enforce curiosity and encourage other interactions than just murdering on sight (but you can also do that too if you want). It will basically create the random encounters that made Story mode so great but with real players. In story mode, you probably bumped into a hunter sneaking up on a grizzly bear, or a guy surrounded by wolves fighting for his life, a photographer trying to make the shot of a lifetime, a lady in distress that lost her horse, a bunch of guys punching each other in the bar, or a cannibal in the dark night ready to skin you alive. In online this all could be players playing their roles. Removing map blips would automatically create such stories. Seeing player location on the map removes any surprises and takes away everything that makes meeting another person special. Also, spotting smoke from the campfire far away would actually mean something.

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Wanted system

Murdering another player:

In online, you can kill a person in front of the sheriff, and he won't even care. Kick a cow and the wild west SWAT team will be after you in a matter of seconds. Murdering another player needs to be a crime but only when there was a witness.


Players can get a bounty for committing crimes. The bounty needs to be paid at the post office just like in story mode. This will prevent griefers from mindlessly murdering everyone for the laughs(don't worry griefers, wild west wouldn't be wild without you, so there's something in it for you too at the end, just keep on reading). Again, there needs to be a witness, or the crime didn't happen, so be careful when you're traveling alone.


A wanted player:

When a player is wanted and was spotted anywhere by another player or an NPC, his last known location shows up for everyone on the map for 10 minutes. This last known location is just an AREA where the player was last seen. Think of it as bounty missions from story mode, or looking for a treasure in the yellow zone in online mode. Last known location resets when the wanted player is spotted again. Other players can hunt down wanted player for some XP. It works both ways. The wanted player/gang can use this mechanic to lure bounty hunters straight into an ambush and get some XP for killing the good guys. This will make the outlaws feel like real outlaws and bounty hunters will have to stay on their toes. When the wanted player dies, the bounty gets deducted from his cash automatically and he's no longer wanted (similar to single player mode)

The camp

Easy to implement must haves:

We can all agree that camp is completely useless right now. It should be your home, the heart of the game, just like in story mode. For this to happen, few features need to be added:

  • camp stew and recipes
  • camp ledger (why the gang leader pays for everything?)
  • leatherworking station to turn animal parts into camp upgrades. Exactly the options that Mr. Pearson provides in Story mode.
  • camp chores like cutting wood etc. All animations and mechanics are already in the single player. Something you don't have to do but if you do it, staying in the camp gives your gang XP buff or so.

Other ideas for the camp that aren't a must:

  • camp can get attacked by NPC's. If your gang has a good reputation, bandits attack you. If your gang has a bad reputation, the law attacks you.
  • Camp can get robbed by other players. DON'T PANIC! Nothing major, just a few bucks from the ledger and 3-4 random items with a long cooldown so it can't be repeated in the same session. It's more of a symbolic thing, not a big loss, so outlaws can feel like they're robbing someone (you know, role-play) and good guys would have a reason to keep guard and have scouts.
  • camp games. ok this is a must eventually
  • camp guards. This isn't as easy to implement as other features, but it would be cool if we could hire mercenaries to protect our camp from other players and NPC attacks. This would greatly help solo players and give them the ability to create their own gang..solo..just like it works in SP. Performing camp chores would give the guards a boost in stats. Of course, let's be realistic here. Guards would just stay at the camp, sit, drink, sleep and guard. You would not be able to take them on a mission or whatever. Anything else would take too much development time.
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So the features that I've listed there (except camp guards) are fairly easy to implement as they already exist in SP or are just a matter of a single settings change (like map blips). I could write a whole day about all the cool ways that Rockstar could expand the "survival" or "hardcore" mode but just the bare minimum that I've mentioned would be enough to keep me and like-minded people playing for months. If you got this far in my wall of text and liked the post, please upvote it or share similar feedback to Rockstar. We can make it happen!

Phew…that's the longest post I've made in my entire life.

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