Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 made me love John Marston even more.

red dead redemption 8 - RDR2 made me love John Marston even more.

When I first heard John calling for help in the mountains, I was shocked. I didn't know that Rockstar had gotten Rob Wiethoff for RD2 because last I heard he gave up the fast life and worked a labor job with his family somewhere rural.

Hearing his voice again, and then realizing that he was part of the entire game, was just amazing.

Throughout the game, Arthur makes it clear he does not like how John has handled things, and thinks that Dutch gives him special treatment. At first, I thought Arthur was just a little jealous, but then I saw it.

Co*kyiness, stubbornness, and even more shockingly, John was an as*hole to Abigail and wanted nothing to do with Jack.

This was the same guy who would later go across the country doing the government's bidding to save his family?

Seeing John as a co*ky outlaw was something I did not know how I felt about.

Over time, I began to like Arthur so much that I would antagonize John all the time, just because I felt Arthur was justified.

I did not realize then how even as I was disappointed in John, I was growing to love him even more. As John started to make strides towards being a father to Jack and a husband to Abigail, I started seeing glimpses of the John I knew come out more.


I lived Arthur as a good man who spent his life being bad, but after getting Tuberculosis not being afraid to be good anymore. His end, overlooking the sunrise after making sure John got out, was beautiful. I was so satisfied that when the Epilogue came on and I saw John, Abigail and Jack riding in a wagon, I had to turn the game off and mourn Arthur before going to bed.

The next time I played, It was bittersweet. I was playing as John again, but I still missed Arthur.

Then the farm got attacked and the RD1 music kicked in. The whole Epilogue is such a love letter to fans of the first game, and when it came time to ending Micah, you bet I had Arthurs hat on and his revolver blasting.

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TDLR; Seeing John grow into the man we knew him as, and seeing the way Arthur gave him a chance at life, made my favorite character become even more human and even more of a legend.


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