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Red Dead and No Prostitution

red dead redemption 7 - Red Dead and No Prostitution


To be honest I like that there’s not an option to mess with a prostitute in Red Dead Redemption 1 &2. It adds to the character of both Arthur and John. And the redemption or life they’re trying to lead. In Red Dead 1, John had a lot of chances to dishonor his marriage. Before meeting his family or the ranch; you here him mention his vows and marriage when approached by prostitutes. Or when he’s with Bonnie. He’s had a lot of chances to step out during his endeavors. But he remained to keep that line drawn. This adds a mystique to John at the beginning of the game. When we learn that John was the product of a prostitute and never knowing his father; it lead me to think that there was more than just vows that catered to his morality and honor. I think that this further adds to the novelty of John and Abigail both trying to leave the past behind them and live righteously.

As for Arthur, it’s seen that he has a thing for the mistreatment of women and children. In fact this was one of the things that was very upheld for men in the past. As the enforcer of the gang; he acted as protector and doing the things that needed to be done. But when things got sticky, or the gang endangered, or Dutch needing of reminding he’d say; “What about about the women and jack”. You could also add that he only was interested in one woman, Mary. But I don’t think that, that’s the case. I feel like if a woman were to value the man he was and treat him well, then he’d accept them. To me Bonnie would’ve been perfect for him or Charlotte who was very sweet. Unfortunately sickness took that away. To put it simply I think it’s just within his code to do right by women, he acts like a gentleman in a ruggish way but still is. When he was young he kept his promise to do right by the mother of his child. And I suppose he tried the best he could.


It is said that Rockstar wanted Red Dead to be taken seriously. The notion of prostitutes not being available to the player might be part of this. GTA on the other hand is a very satirical game. It shows the irony of the U.S, with their own complicated characters. But with the means of being duragative at the players disposal; sex with prostitutes, weird characters, goose chases. To put it plainly you and the characters of GTA are made to be the opposite of Red Dead. Honor and Redemption is the main theme of Red Dead. Chaos is GTA.

I don’t think it would be fair to not mention that I may be at a bias as well. I’m a woman. I see Arthur and John and I can only hope to be with someone who are honorable or good as them. John and Abigail is truly a heart warming story; to see both of these guys grow and exhibit what a man is amazing and is something I think that my generation in particular needs to see. This is not to be a feminism post; I don’t identify as one. Seeing how they tried to bring this game down too because of a gamer on YouTube having his fun is sickening. In fact it’s kind of annoying how these supposed feminists don’t see just how much Rockstar do support women. Bonnie, Saidie, Abigail, Tilly, Mary Beth. All these characters feel real. I commend rockstar on this. And the amazing stories that they’ve told throughout the years.

But that’s another post for another time. I just wanted to see what you all thought…anyway..I won’t disturb you..

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