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Red Dead Redemption represented my disability and it’s history

red dead redemption 3 - Red Dead Redemption represented my disability and it’s history

So I was hesitating to post this just because I’m not really the type of person that posts personal stuff online but I thought I should share just because it’s a story that is important to me.

Before I bought RDR2 I would watch playthrough videos on YouTube. I stumbled across the video where you meet Miss Marjorie and Bertram in the Van Horn saloon and have to go find Magnifico. As I watched the video and got to the point where Arthur finds Magnifico I realized that Magnifico was a dwarf.

Now that’s probably not really that shocking to most of you but the reason why I was so shocked is because I have dwarfism just like Magnifico. I even have the same kind that he does which is achondroplasia. This was the first time I have ever seen a character with dwarfism in a video game that wasn’t one of those standard fantasy dwarfs that look nothing like a person with dwarfism. I’m a female so I look nothing like Magnifico (lol) but Rockstar had an accurate image of someone with dwarfism (shorter limbs, protruding nose and forehead) and I noticed similar features between us.

What also made me happy was that Rockstar semi accurately portrayed the challenges that people with dwarfism had to go through in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. Dwarfs were shown off at “side shows” and “freak shows” during those years. If you’ve seen The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, he played P. T. Barnum who was actually a real person. P. T. Barnum was the individual who started the trend of putting dwarfs in circus shows for marvel and entertainment and was the one who popularized the word midget, which is now an offensive term used to describe individuals with dwarfism (means small fly or something you can squash).


Watching the playthrough I was a bit afraid that Arthur or any other NPC’s including Miss Majorie would describe Magnifico as a midget or call him a midget to his face. But after finishing the video and not hearing the word being uttered from anyone’s mouth I was quiet happy. Like I said before, that word was used a lot in those times.

So I guess I just wanted to write this because it made me really happy that I got to see a character that looked like me and was represented correctly. I’m glad that Rockstar included the whole circus side mission. Even though it makes my skin crawl to hear the stories about how people like me were treated back in the day, I’m glad the storyline was written sort of accurately. I mean sure, Miss Marjorie talked about Magnifico in a semi-negative way but I’m glad she didn’t demean him completely. Seeing my disability represented in a popular video game is huge for me.

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