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Small details in Arthur’s journal

red dead redemption 10 - Small details in Arthur's journal

I apologize if this has already been said here.

During and after the epilogue when playing as John you use Arthur's journal and continue where he left off. What was interesting to me was the amount of detail that went into making their handwriting and styles different and unique towards each character. For example:

John's handwriting is noticeably less neat and his drawing abilities are nowhere near Arthur's talent. They're actually pretty cartoony and hilarious.

John also has a lot more mistakes in his writings, crossing out and adding words in. Arthur has his share, but John's is more frequent. I found it funny that John draws lines on the page before he writes because he can't keep the sentences straight on the paper and in some cases still has trouble.

Some screencaps:




This might just be me, but as another extra detail it seems like this page about Mary after her final letter has a lot more mistakes than usual for Arthur. Likely due to all the emotional distress on top of everything else.

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