Red Dead Redemption 2

[speculation] I am really glad Arthur ran off with Mary…

red dead redemption 3 - [speculation] I am really glad Arthur ran off with Mary...

even if he is not ever going to forgive himself for not being there to save them when most of the gang was being wiped out in St. Denis. He only learned about it weeks after, because right after Mary and he arrived in their hideout hotel in Strawberry, all the tension fell off him and he didn't leave the bed for hours, days, ultimately a whole month. Feeling save for the first time in a long while, he finally allowed his body to relax and get all the rest he so desperately needed. God knows what would have happened if he had gone on like this for even a little longer, with all the falling of horses and falling in water and heat and cold and whatnot. To Mary’s surprise Arthurs savings proofed to be more than sufficient to cover their livelihood for this time and more and even allowed them to buy a nice homestead in the west with sufficient lands around it to prosper.

At first Arthur laughed about himself when he was out in the fields, a gunslinger pretending to be a farmer, but after some time it became clear he wasn't pretending, he was a natural. All the tenacity, caring and commitment he had invested in vain an stupid crimes in the past came to fruition when he dedicated it to the crops. No other farmer rose earlier, worked harder or called his newly-grown plants his “boahs” with a more tender voice. His love for the livestock, his horse-like strength, his down-to-earth attitude, all this contributed to again and again being better off than the year before and all the new farm hands gave him more time every year to spend with Mary on the porch, aging and slowly starting attempts at feeling whole – despite what had been and been lost in the past. He didn’t even notice he wasn’t cleaning his guns anymore.


Arthur would never use them again, except for this one time, when one of his neighbors got greedy and took his six sons and a bunch of thugs with him on a tour to convince his fellow land owners to sell. They actually dared to come to Grand View Fields despite hardly knowing anything about this Morgan-fella who owned it, one day arriving in the early morning a dozen strong, scaring away all the hands and the dogs just by showing themselves in full gear. They should have known, when he just went on polishing his Schofields, they should have known when they saw one had a black handle with a white barrel and the other one vice versa, they should have known when they started bullying him and he still took his time standing up and instead of answering only sent Mary upstairs. I guess deep inside, they knew, because after this they stood there for a full three minutes, facing him, without anyone lifting a finger or uttering a single word, but they could not believe it being possible because there were twelve of them and he was alone. They were right, it couldn’t be done, and when he started firing and the first ones fell like flies before even realizing, they could still rely on the fact that no one had ever overcome odds like this and no one ever would. No one would ever overcome odds like this, except for this one time, the last time Arthur Morgan used his guns.

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