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Suddenly hit me about that Chapter 6 reveal in Arthur’s background

red dead redemption 7 - Suddenly hit me about that Chapter 6 reveal in Arthur's background

I did a limited search and couldn't find anything that spoke to this, so I figured I point this out.

When Arthur says to Eagle Flies that he had a son, we all treat it like a big shock. If you had to be pressed on it, I'm sure most of us would say "oh well yeah of course he'd tell Eagle Flies: they are both in a position to lose their sons.

What's noteworthy, though, and less obvious, is Eagle Flies, apart from John Marston, is the only character we know has a son and has any sort of connection to. It didn't occur to me until just now though, that Arthur wasn't just confiding in someone like Eagle flies – a man who feared losing his son – but he had been waiting for someone like Eagle Flies.

Which leads me to Arthur and John. It's stated in the game he's upset with him for leaving "for as long as he did". IIRC, Arthur seems particularly agitated by the length of the period he was gone, not just because John left. We know that Arthur would go back "every few weeks" (or months?) because he liked the kid and only stayed away because he felt he was a danger to them. John, on the other hand, left out of spite and seemingly only came back because he had changed.


That changes when Jack is kidnapped, and John seems truly agitated. Arthur is obviously sympathetic when they get Jack bac, that much I'm sure you all picked up on, and I'm sure you all picked up on how he probably saw himself in John in that moment.

What's less obvious, again going off memory here, is that we never see Arthur insult John after that. Recall that even when Arthur is kind of shocked by the brilliance of John's plan to stop the train in Chapter 2, it's mockingly so. There are a couple of other points like that as well. Jack's kidnapping ends that.

I will say there's an alternative hypothesis with that change, in that Sean and Kieran by this point have died, and Arthur specifically mentions that he saw Sean "like an annoying younger brother" and he seems regretful that he was so hard on Kieran after he's killed. It could be that Arthur has simply a greater appreciation for the lives of people close to him after their deaths: that not just defenseless people like Eliza & Isaac will tragically lose their lives. Even people in this lawless world will die in mournful ways.

That said, I feel like I stumbled onto this thought maybe it's a good explainer for that particular part of Arthur's development, and wanted to share.

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