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The best twist in RDR2 (Major spoilers)

red dead redemption 9 - The best twist in RDR2 (Major spoilers)

I just wanted to praise the game a bit for what I consider to be one of the best and most clever twists I've ever seen, and that is the fact that Micah wasn't a rat until after Guarma. Unlike many twists you see it's such a tiny little detail but in reality it changes a lot of how you see things from the game before that.

To give some context of the reveal (it was a bit subtle since it was only briefly mentioned), in the scene where Milton has Sadie and Abigail captured and is talking to Arthur he reveals both that Molly never told them anything and even more shockingly that they only picked up Micah after everyone got back from the Caribbean. And Milton has no reason to lie about this as in the moment he believes that he has won.

At first this was shocking because by design players were set up to be convinced that Micah was a rat the whole time, it was just so obvious. There was never any subtlety about what kind of character Micah was and the game goes out of it's way to make him as unlikeable as possible. He's the character that everyone wants to be the villian Which is why this twist is absolutely brilliant.

Micah for the first part of the game to put it simply was just a scapegoat from the story tellers. He was a red herring meant to throw people off. Everyone believes that things go wrong because of Micah. People believe in Dutch despite his paranoia and arrogance because Micah is clearly the real problem. Throughout the game there is constant talk of a rat. Micah is blamed, Molly is blamed. Even Arthur is blamed. Blame is constantly thrown at the idea of others being the problem when in reality those storytelling bits are all just a smokescreen for the reality of who the real culprit is, Dutch himself.

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On the ferry job in the beginning Dutch worked with known hothead Micah on the plan despite Hosea and Arthur feeling the job was iffy. After bringing Micah into the gang despite reluctance from characters like Arthur. Those were Dutch's choices. While Micah was there to mislead the player the real issue was that it was a bad job that Dutch shouldn't have tried to pull to start with, especially in comparison to the more planned and safer job Hosea and Arthur had which gets thrown aside for Dutch being Dutch.


With the Cornwall train robbery Dutch was again warned against doing a job which he again ignored those warnings which in turn got the Pinkerton's back on their tail.

Then there was the Saint Denis bank job where Dutch was warned that he shouldn't go after Bronte. Again the point is made that revenge is something they can't afford. And he does it anyway raising the alert level in the town and drawing the attention of law enforcement and the pinkertons as a high up figure in the city is murdered.

And the whole time Dutch keeps frequently saying everyone should lay low yet both he and the gang never really do. They keep causing trouble and drawing attention towards themselves making the gang relatively easy to track and keep on the tail of in the process for the pinkertons working in the background.

And all of this might have been obvious to the player except the game cleverly masks it with the obvious villain that is Micah. The hothead troublemaker who everyone is sure is scum. The perfect cover to misdirect the players eye away from the reality of Dutch making mistakes and falling apart as time after time things go wrong all to set up the late game when the story is ready to reveal that.

Of course they do turn around and still make Micah a traitor post Guarma, after all it is in character for him and after everything they did to make him a red herring he doesn't really fit a sudden good guy turn, but they left that until after Guarma. They took that extra bit of attention to detail to keep the onset of the Van Der Linde gang's fall on the shoulders of Dutch Van Der Linde himself. The egotistical leader convinced he could do no wrong and that everybody just needed to have faith in him. Everything to Dutch was always someone else's fault, never his own. Constantly crying rat. Leaving the gang a victim overall not of a snitch, but of hubris. Dutch's arrogance in a world that was stepping up to wipe out the last of the outlaw era.

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