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The (Un)official timeline of Red Dead Redemption II

red dead redemption 10 - The (Un)official timeline of Red Dead Redemption II

-Okay so I’ve seen several posts over the last 10 months wondering how much time actually passes for the gang. On my last play-through, I decided to count the days and create a (unofficial) canon timeline. I’m going to post the results first in case people don’t want to read too much, but see below for a detailed description of how I arrived at the dates I did.

-CHAPTER 1 – COLTER: 7 Days. May 1st – May 8th

-CHAPTER 2 – HORSESHOE OVERLOOK: 28 Days. May 9th -June 6th

-CHAPTER 3 – CLEMENS POINT: 39 Days. June 7th – July 16th

-CHAPTER 4 – SAINT DENIS: 18 Days. July 17th – August 4th

-CHAPTER 5 – GUARMA: 14 Days. August 5th – August 19th

-CHAPTER 6 – BEAVER HOLLOW: 17 Days. August 20th – September 6th.

-Arthur Morgan dies on the morning of September 7th, 1899

-Okay so a lot to talk about on how I arrived at those dates. Overall, I went at a realistic pace in everything I did. This means not hammering out as many missions as humanly possible per day, but rather waking up, doing a chore or two, reading a newspaper if there’s a new one, talk to the gang for a few minutes, then head out.

-Depending on the length of a given mission, I averaged about 3 per day.

-There are several times throughout the game where after a cutscene, the screen flashed “A couple days later” (I add 2 days), “A few days later” (3 days), “a couple weeks later” (14 days) and “a few weeks later” (21 days). I counted these.

-THINGS I INCLUDED: All yellow missions. All white missions. All white ? Missions. All bounty poster missions. The Rhodes stagecoach missions (Alden only. I didn’t think canon Arthur would ride halfway across the country to rob a 40 buck coach in strawberry). General camp activity. A trip or two per week to bathe and get shaved, reload on ammo and other town chores. All random encounters I came across (shooting rats for the guy in saint Denis, talking to all the homeless veterans, helping women tied to horses etc). Sleep.

-THINGS I DID NOT INCLUDE: Hold your horses before reacting to this. I’ll explain all in the next bullet. I did not include Hunting either for provisions or satchels/camp upgrades. Treasure hunts. Legendary animals/fish. Dream catchers. Points of interest. Plant picking. Dino bones. Item/hat collecting. Etc. I did all of these on my play through but did not count them.

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-The reason I did not include those things is because of those periods I mention above where the game fast forwards on you with “- few weeks later” and the like. I believe between chapter 1 and 3, roughly 40 days go by with these. I am basically thinking Arthur would do all the fun extra shit mentioned above during those 40 days. And not during the crucial live or die times for the gang lol. If I were to count the fast forwarded time as well as all the extra shit we’d be well into winter lol.


-I start on May 1st because in the opening scene, Hosea mentions that it’s a crazy storm for May. And YES I am aware of the dates on the letters from Mayor Lemieux in Ch 4/6. The first says May still and the second June. I’m sorry but these are just wrong. Either that or Hosea saying it was May at the beginning is wrong. I’m going with Hosea. Trust me, especially with the fast forwarded time I mentioned, it’s just not possible so little time passes between the start of the game and those letters. So I disregarded it

-I’ve played through 3 or 4 times so I know what the missions are on my map before I go to them. For this reason, I was able to go about the missions as efficiently as I could. For example, I knew if a mission would fast forward me to nightfall, I would try to find other shit to do and start that mission around evening time, not at 7:30 am lol.

-I tried to sleep mostly everyday. If a mission took me overnight, I would sleep ASAP until noon to make up for the lost sleep.

-I rode my horse manually to each location every single time. Never fast traveled or took the train or carriage or whatever. I think time passes when you do those anyway, so it should come out about the same

-Obviously this is all very subjective and there were probably days I forgot to count and days I counted twice accidentally. I believe they even out over the course of the game.

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-Another tricky thing was If say I start a mission at 10 am, and it’s a short mission, and it spits me back out at 8:30 am. Welll……did I go forward a day or backward a couple hours? On these I just did my best.

-Guarma is really tricky to tell how much time passes. On the surface, 14 days seems long, but to help with the counting, I shaved my beard entirely the day of the saint denis bank robbery and then measured it upon return. Based on its length, I was able to deduce the time passed on various boats and shit.

-Not so fun fact: I’d put the day Arthur and Thomas Downes had their fateful meeting right around May 27th ish. I didn’t note the day when it happened so just placing it generally where it belongs in the chapter. So he contracted TB May 27th, was officially diagnosed on August 20th and dead on September 7th.

-LASTLY. I hope September 7th isn’t your birthday… 🙁 RIP boah.

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