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Theory about Dutch in the epilogue.

red dead redemption 5 - Theory about Dutch in the epilogue.

I saw this comment on a Youtube video and it inspired me to bring the discussion to this subreddit. In the final standoff where Micah holds a gun at Sadie’s head next to Dutch and John talks to them both i noticed something in the dialogue.

Before Dutch comes out Micah says the line “all manner of folk paying social calls.” Which, of course is a reference to Dutch who’s waiting inside. But when Dutch is outside and he’s talking to John he gets the question “what’re you doing here Dutch?” And Dutch replies with “same as you, I suppose.”

Now let’s be honest. Dutch is not a stupid man. Why would he say that? Obviously he knows that John is there to kill Micah. Everybody knows that. John wants revenge. So why would Dutch say that he’s there for the same reason as John?

The theory is that after Arthur’s death Dutch and Micah didn’t team up. Dutch finally realized what a bad man he has been and that he has lost his true “son” Arthur. He couldn’t abandon his life as an outlow but he also couldn’t live with Micah.


Maybe at the day where John came looking for Micah Dutch also made a “social call” to Micah to kill him. Because Dutch wants the same thing as John. Revenge for Arthur and nothing more.

Now of course Micah says that he and Dutch are teaming up once more but that doesn’t mean that they where together since Arthur’s death. Maybe Dutch has a plan (insert meme) to betray Micah and shoot him in the back and maybe these “plans” are just a day old. We don’t know. Dutch is a talker so maybe he’s searching for the safest wat to kill Micah and get all the money out of the heavily guarded camp.

This would make Dutch after Arthur’s death a much more likeable and reasonable character. Dutch loves Arthur. Dutch’s loves John in a way. But Dutch never seemed to love Micah, just his ideas. Maybe he finally realized that but we, the players and John just didn’t know.

Just a shower thought since i kinda love Dutch but also hate him. I just want him to miss Arthur like we do.

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