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red dead redemption 7 - Unpopular Opinion:

The game is a week old and in BETA, voicing your opinions is great, whining about lack of content in a week old BETA is getting old fast. Why are you buying beans ? Kill animal, cook animal, eat animal. If you place your shots well you can even sell the animal. 3 star buck pelt, innards, and antlers sells for $14. You can do gang hideouts and loot all the enemies before killing or sparing the gang leader to find treasure maps that pay gold and cash, you get a treasure map every 5 levels from the post office. Killing herons and fishing also make decent money. Yes its a grind right now, but you all shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t understand the whining over the state of the game, we couldn’t play GTA online for a month and a half because of the bugged out initial race.I myself am enjoying the BETA and excited to see the changes Rockstar makes and adds to this game. I hope the gaming community can express their opinions about micro-transactions in a way that makes this game not pay to win, but whining about every little detail in a week old BETA isn’t the way to go. Remember no one is forcing you to participate in the BETA you can go back to single player and check back after a few patches to see what the state of the game is like. Games are meant to be fun if your not having fun play something else


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