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What would you have changed about the main story of RDR2?

red dead redemption 7 - What would you have changed about the main story of RDR2?

Here's some thing I would have changee:

1: Charles, not Javier, should have helped Arthur find John, simply because in the Epilogue, John and Charles are right back on a mountain where it all began. Symmetry and all that. And Charles is good at tracking and shit.

2: On the subject of Javier, he should have been in more missions. Bill was in a ton of missions (Why the hell was he at the Saint Denis Party?) while Javier wasn't, and as such, didn't have much characterization. One good mission to put him in would be the one where Uncle robs a Leviticus Cornwall Stagecoach, specifically: Replace Charles with Javier. Why? Because Bill, Uncle, and Javier are all the surviving Gang members in the first game. Foreshadowing and all that.

3: Dutch should have killed Molly. Arthur knows Dutch is going off the deep end, but the rest of the gang doesn't. If they witness him gun down Molly in front of everyone, it helps build the tension and gives even more reason to the others leaving the gang.

4: Give the women more quests. Mary-Beth, Karen, Tilly, Miss Grimshaw. Just enough to give them some more characterization. A few simply robberies would be nice.

5: Towards the end of the game, Tilly is the only girl aside from Abigail and Grimshaw that stays, and she rescues Jack from the Pinkertons. I think she should be replaced with Mary-Beth, because I think Arthur has a closer relationship to her (This is based mostly on his talks with her, including the fact that he can confess his sickness towards her, and one of Mary-Beth's quotes telling Arthur to be good can be heard in his final ride) so I simply think there'd be more of an emotional payoff with her. Also, maybe imply that Mary-Beth's love for reading and writing rubbed off on Jack, have some scenes of Mary-Beth talking to Jack about books.

6: Ross, not Milton, should have been the main antagonist. It sets up RDR1 better, and makes Ross pretty damn competent and effective of a villain, perfectly representing civilization and society destroying the gang. And it makes Ross' death at the hands of Jack all the more satisfying. Milton is just boring and generic. Also, Ross would have killed Hosea, and he would have a unique “Modern” pistol.

7: The Gang should have caught up to Colm O'Driscoll in Chapter Four. In Chapters One and Two, they harass each other for a bit, in Three, they attempt a failed parlay that nearly gets Arthur killed, and in Chapter Four, they kill Kieran and attack Shady Belle. Dutch gets super pissed about this. SO pissed in fact, that he decides to start robbing Saint Denis. Seriously? Then Guarma happens and Colm is caught and hanged. Woo. If the Gang captures Colm right after the assault on Shady Belle (With the option of killing him or turning him into the law for the bounty money) then it makes more sense, story wise. Instead of tying up a loose, forgotten thread, it's a more cohesive extension of Colm's story or whatever.

8: The Lemoyne Raiders could have been given more depth to parallel the Gang. Come on, a bunch of outlaws fighting against society for a pointless, dying cause to fight for a society they believe in? They could clearly be used as mirrors for each other.

9: Angelo Bronte is lame. He's a rich evil foreign guy, which is Rockstar's go to for antagonists. Why would the Braithwaites even send Jack to him? I don't know, either make him more interesting, or replace him with the Mayor of Saint Denis, or Leviticus Cornwall. Also, it should have been the Bull Gator that ate him, instead of just a normal Gator. It's a nice little callback to that mission.


10: I get what they were trying to do with Guarma. Make Dutch go crazy as he realizes his plan is doomed. Force the player to rely on unreliable, future traitors. The problem is that nothing really happens aside from Dutch going crazy. Bill is just there. Micah makes a few snide remarks and struts his stupid fat stomach around. Javier spends half the chapter captured, a quarter in recovery (Including the damn mission where the Navy is attacking you) and only really helps out in one mission. It's boring, and lame.

I personally think Guarma could have been replaced with Mexico, with the gang being captured in El Presidio, and escaping after organizing a breakout (Perhaps with the help of one Abraham Reyes?) with Javier of course, being a major character. After that, they go north to New Austin, taking shelter at Fort Mercer (Bill in particular would really like the Fort) and looping up to Blackwater to collect the money.

The doctor that diagnosed Arthur told him to go somewhere warm and dry, and Dutch said something about hiding where they least suspect it. Considering the gang was last seen massacring Saint Denis, hiding in Blackwater WOULD be a wise choice, as they're not being looked for there. The only problem is that the Downes Family might have to be moved, and the Native American quests would be tedious as frick.

11: Make the final two options for Arthur more difficult to decide. You could choose to runaway with John (With the Pinkertons already being dead, so it's more about leaving your old life behind) or going back for revenge AND money. I also wouldn't mind if Arthur had fucking spat in Micah's face and given him TB.

You also know what I would not have minded? In the Epilogue, Micah is dying of TB, trying to motherfucking REDEEM himself. Remember how Arthur started being nice after getting TB? Well, Micah's been doing that for 8 God damn years. Does he deserve redemption? Does Arthur? Does John? I don't know, redemption motherfucker. While I can't imagine Micah helping John build Beecher's Hope or anything (Well I can, but that's not the point) I CAN imagine John challenging a tired Micah to one final duel, with the twist being that no matter what happens, even if you don't pull the trigger, a cutscene will occur with John gunning down Micah, who never even bothered to try and kill John. The double twist? Ross would have begun to track down John after this, and thus, John's pointless revenge quest doomed him. Sounds awfully similar to what his son does, doesn't it?

Minor things: I think Grimshaw should have had a mother-son like bond with Arthur and John.

Micah should have been part of the Braithwaite Manor mission. I don't like him, but he IS a good fighter, it makes sense to bring him along for a mission to burn down a mansion and kill a ton of people.

In the final confrontation between the gang at camp, I think it would have been more dramatic if Joe and Cleet weren't there. I get that they're there to show Micah taking over the gang, and appear in the Epilogue, but it would be a lot more heart wrenching if in the final standoff, it's Arthur, John, and Grimshaw Vs Dutch, Micah, Bill, and Javier. And make that standoff a bit longer to.

Anyway, if you have any more things you'd want to change about the game's story, minor or major, list them here.

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