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Why I think Micah did what he did **Spoiler discussion**

red dead redemption 4 - Why I think Micah did what he did **Spoiler discussion**

This has been discussed quite a bit since the game released with many people coming up with valid and interesting theories. And after my 3rd and most recent playthrough, I believe I know why Micah ratted on the gang. He has a very simple reason for informing the Pinkertons and it's not because he wants to see Dutch go down OR because he wants to be a leader himself…

Listening to Micah when going out on select missions, side missions, or some conversations at camp, we always hear him complaining about dead weight. Always going on about how many mouths there are to feed, and how they'd be better off cutting most loose and keeping the crew small and capable with 5 or 6 strong gunmen.

You can also tell that he really does like Dutch. He even says that he loves him. His ability to lead, his intelligence and well spoken manner. These are attributes that Micah could never possess. And he knows that. However, the one thing Micah doesn't like about Dutch is his loyalty to his gang. He spends a lot of time complaining about how many people they're responsible for, but Dutch won't budge. In Micah's ideal world, he would be Dutch's number 2 in a small but strong crew of outlaws…. Micah is a guy that gets what he wants. On the boat back to America, Micah tries one last time to tell Dutch that they need to cut everyone loose and start over. Dutch tells him absolutely not. It's at this point where a plan in the back of Micah's mind begins to come to the forefront.

How would Micah thin the numbers of the crew and get to his dream scenario of running with Dutch and a few men? With a little help from Agent Andrew Milton. I think that Micah's thought process was that if he set Milton and 50 armed Pinkertons on the gang, only the strongest would manage to escape. And at this point, if his plan succeeded. Micah's got Dutch's ear enough to dissuade him from some potential crazy plan to break everyone out who was captured.

But after the Van Der Linde gang fights off the Pinkertons, it sets Micah's plan back a few weeks. If he was talking to Milton in the meantime, it was probably just crumbs that they could do nothing with.

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When the time was right, the morning of that final train robbery, I believe Micah went back to Milton to tell the agents about Beaver Hollow. With essentially the same goal as before… Thin the heard. Throughout the chapter, many folks have already left. After a Pinkerton assault? Micah will have everything in place… It's actually quite manipulative. It's a chess move that swings everything in his favor, towards his vision of a perfect future. The setback worked out for him too. Since he ran into his old goons Cleet and Joe, it gives him more control. A couple of brain dead gunners who mindlessly follow him? It can't hurt right?


He was NOT counting on sickly Arthur Morgan to be successful rescuing Abigail. And I'm sure when Arthur called him out in front of everyone, his stomach dropped. When standing off with each other, Micah could NOT let Arthur convince Dutch. Mrs. Grimshaw put 2 and 2 together right away. But Dutch is so far gone at this point, he's just not ready to believe that someone he's put so much trust and faith in could throughly stab his back like that. Dutch has a lot going through his head the moment John returns. Dutch was still considering everything in front of him. John coming in, rightfully angry and apprehensive toward Dutch, takes Arthur's side. In the moment that forces Dutch to take Micah's side, even though the bombshell Arthur dropped is still on his mind. Meanwhile Micah is behind the guns with Dutch, Joe, Cleet, Javier, and Bill…..Perfect.

The Pinkertons showed up just in time for old Micah to scurry off with his newfound crew.

By the time Arthur's final face off with Micah happens, no matter which variation of which ending you get, the basic happenings remain the same. Dutch interrupts the fight. Micah pleads with Dutch that it's over, they've won, and just wants nothing more than for Dutch to come with him. It's at this point that Dutch finally thinks things through. As he see's his best soldier taking his final breaths, he leaves that asshole behind. He was the catalyst that pushed Dutch over the edge, and drove the gang into the ground. Dutch gets his revenge on Micah though.

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When John encountered Micah atop Mount Hagen, I believe Dutch hadn't been there very long. Maybe a couple days at most. Years have passed, and it's given him time to reflect. Time to realize just what Micah did to him. I really think Dutch looked back and put all these events together. He knew that all Micah wanted was to run a crew, together with Dutch. He uses this to his advantage.

Micah is absolutely delighted to see Dutch show up. These 2 probably haven't seen each other since Arthur's death. Micah may feel in the back of his mind that Dutch knows the truth. But after a couple days with no mention of it, he's able to relax a little, and is very excited about what the future holds. He's like a giddy little child when he tells John that he and Dutch are back in business again. John has come to kill Micah and asks Dutch what he's doing there…

"Same as you I suppose."

He shoots Micah seconds later.

** I really wasn't expecting this to be so long, and now I have to go to work. No time to proof read, so please excuse any errors. Let me know what you guys think.. Let me know what you do and don't agree with. Let's discuss this shit.

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