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A Concept To Aid The Post-Game: Shaders

SpidermanPS4 4 - A Concept To Aid The Post-Game: Shaders

Spider-Man PS4 was an absolute blast. It easily holds a torch up to, and potentially higher, my holy trinity of Spider-Man games. Web of Shadows, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2.

Now, one thing that definitely held me back from playing the game after the story ended was the post-game content. New Game Plus and DLC added a little longevity to the game, yes, I will admit that. But by the end of the main story, you had unlocked every skin (except DLC’s added later).

I think there is always the opportunity for enhancementa, so I think a very simple addition to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could help create a solution to this post-game problem, and it can be seen as a bonus to all the collectible-hungry players like myself.


I have been playing a lot of Ultimate Alliance 3 lately in light of the Fantastic Four DLC. Now, the costume system in that game is not perfect, and on launch, it was downright missing. They have helped fix that situation by adding more costumes, but one of the things that stood out to me was the “alternate color” costumes, or rather, shaders.

From a design and development standpoint, this is INCREDIBLY easy to implement. All you really have to do is modify the textures and materials of a suit (just the texture in most cases) to be a different color. It’s that easy. The more options available increases the workload, but it can be done.

The system I have in mind allows for dozens and dozens of shaders to be unlocked throughout the game, in the post game, by playing the game at higher difficulties, and finding secrets around the city. Something that I believe was sorely lacking from the first game outside of just the backpacks specifically.

So, let’s take a look at the costume system. This feature resembles the original game and the suit select screen. However, every suit you unlock has another dropdown menu added as well. You can easily change between suits just like the normal game, but now with an added option of selecting shaders if you would like.

The shader menu is filled with icons of the suits, like normal, all of which are locked except for the base suit you currently have unlocked and are selecting. In this case, let’s go with the advanced suit. One complaint I had with the advanced suit in the original game is that it just felt a bit too orange for me, rather than a nice plain red. Well, a shader has just the solution I need. In the dropdown menu, once I unlock a shader from any of the previous activities I mentioned earlier, its icon will appear in the menu. In this case, a dark red and dark blue shader is available for the advanced suit.


All the shader does is modify the texture/color of the suit you’re wearing. Instead of the normal orangish-red, blue, and white, I now have the option to wear the SAME EXACT SUIT, but in a color pattern of my choice. Dark red, dark blue, and black trimming/Spider webs/symbol. Perfect.

Here are some other examples, just to give an idea:

Advanced Suit:

  1. Default (Orange-Red, Blue, White)
  2. Default Alternate (Dark Red, Dark Blue, Black)
  3. Stealth (Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Black)
  4. Stealth Alternate (Dark Red, Dark Grey, Black)

Spider Armor Mark 1:

  1. Default (Silver)
  2. Default Alternate (Dark Silver/Black)
  3. Wealthy (Gold)
  4. Wealthy Alternate (Chrome)


  1. Default (Black, White)
  2. Default Alternate (Purple, White)
  3. Classic (Dark Teal, White)

Webbed (Raimi):

  1. Default (Red, Blue, Silver)
  2. Default Alternate (Saturated Red, Saturated Blue, Black)
  3. Black Suit (Dark Bluish-Black, Silver)
  4. Black Suit Alternate (Black, Silver)

You get the idea.

This adds so much content and variety to the game, and it also just helps pad out the amount of unlockables the game has to offer in a super easy way to impliment. Now, these were just some examples, the number of shaders could easily reach double digits per suit if they truly wanted to, and that would allow a lot of customizability and uniqueness to everyone’s playthrough’s, but would be a lot of work, so realistically: 1-4 total options available per suit.

If you’re someone who loves to unlock suits, then this would be a treat, and it would add a lot of variety in terms of how many suits could be unlocked and could potentially save them a lot of work by adding suit shaders instead of only new suits altogether. Also, the original game had about 38 suits after DLC, so let’s say that they wanted to bump that number up to, perhaps, 50 suits, INCLUDING every suit from the previous game, so an addition of 12 suits, like the Symbiote suit, Miles Morales’s suit, etc.

Original Game: 38 Suits Potential New Count: 50 Suits

Now, let’s say that this shader system, again, a very easy system to create, gets added, and every skin has ONE possible shader to unlock.

Potential New Count, 2 Options: 100 Suits

Let’s keep it going. They add 4 total options for each suit, like I mentioned in a few examples earlier.

Potential New Count, 4 Options: 200 Suits

That’s a lot of unlockables, and it would keep me playing until I collected every single one. What do you guys think?

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