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A Scientist’s Partial Review of Spiderman for PS4

SpidermanPS4 8 - A Scientist's Partial Review of Spiderman for PS4

Warning, there will be spoilers in this review. In Spiderman for PS4, we meet our hero chasing after Fisk who's at Fisk Tower. It brings back the nostalgia of previous iterations of the game on PS1 and PS2. Peter receives mission calls from his friend Yuri, and routine calls from Aunt May and his employer at his other job. After putting Fisk behind bars, we are introduced to Peter's day job as an assistant to Dr. Otto Octavius.

Donning a lab coat instead of spandex, I was pleasantly surprised that this version of Peter Parker found himself at a job in research. For those familiar with the role of Dr. Otto in other media, we'll get into that later. Meanwhile, we arrive at the Octavius Industries' humble lab where there are work desks filled with microscopes and electronics. Dr. Otto can't get his prototype prosthetic to work. Peter starts working by doing some checks on the wiring. We are presented with circuits and voltages to fix in the form of a puzzle game. Their lab also owns a spectrophotometer which is used in identifying the concentration of substances in real life. I was impressed by the incorporation of real scientific instruments.

As the game progresses, we see Dr. Otto's struggle to keep Octavius Industries afloat. On one occasion, he invites Peter to a meeting with the mayor in order to ask for funding. I found this relatable because I too rely on funding to keep my salary as a scientist. Outside of work, Mary Jane suggests that Peter would be hired by Oscorp in a heartbeat. Oscorp is a major tech company owned by Norman Osborne. Mayor Osborne visits the humble lab in order to seize the lab equipment and offer Dr. Otto a job as well. Peter's boss resists any form of help from the rich Mayor which prompts Peter to ask if there's any bad blood.


Dr. Otto shares that he and Norman Osborne went to college together. They were nicknamed the O's in grad school where they both started Oscorp. They had a falling out because they had conflicting research interests, even hinting that Osborne was leaning toward unethical methods. As a grad student, I felt represented in this story because in general, it's uncommon for scientifically inclined children to pursue research instead of medicine and hospital work. It shows how scientists can have varying levels of funding and that the sad reality is that money makes things happen more easily.

On another note, I personally have had irreconcilable differences with my fellow grad students. It was interesting how that rivalry pushed Dr. Otto off the edge and turned against the government and the city at large.

There are more details that give a touch of legitimacy to the scientific aspects such as one of the pitch desk for one of the major researches in the plot. There are also research missions where Spiderman collects data for Harry Osborne's independent endeavors.

All in all, major parts of the game save for the super villains lean more towards actual science instead of Hollywood science. It's an endearing game and I'd recommend it to my fellow scientists if they're finding it hard to pick just one out of the abundance of highly acclaimed games.

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