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All of the characters we know exist in this world but are never seen

SpidermanPS4 5 - All of the characters we know exist in this world but are never seen

I made a list of all of the characters in Spider-Man PS4 that I know about that we never see. For Example, Daredevil's business card is a backpack item and his office is a building that you can find in Hell's Kitchen. Also, the Fogwell Gym, where Jack Murdock worked. Also also, a lawyer poster on the F.E.A.S.T. bulletin board shows Dockmur, being a monogram for Murdock.

Daredevil-look at the example dum dum

Foggy Nelson-The business card says Murdock and Nelson-Nelson referring to Foggy Nelson and Murdock referring to Matt Murdock.

Jessica Jones-Her office is a building as well in Hell's Kitchen

Doctor Strange-You can find the Sanctum Sanctorum as part of the photography quest thing

Avengers-There tower is the biggest thing in the whole skyline

Iron Man-In Otto Octavius's character description, Peter mentions kids having idols such as (IRON MAN) There is also a sticky-note in the opening cutscene that says, "Call T.S. back. RE: job offer." TS presumably standing for Tony Stark. Also, the crossword puzzle that Miles helps solve, one of the answers is Iron Man.

Captain America-Same thing for Iron Man

Ghost Rider-A pedestrian sometimes has the ability to talk to you and I got one that said, "I think I just saw a ghost! His face was a skull on fire!" If that's not Ghost Rider then I don't know what it is

Lizard-A teacher dresses up like him and his vile of blood is a backpack item

Sandman-JJJ references him in a podcast (WALKING PILES OF SAND!) and his sand is a backpack item

Swarm-JJJ references him in a podcast (NAZIS MADE OUT OF BEES!!!)

Lockjaw-A statue of him is around in the city


Eddie Brock-He signed the job card from the Daily Bugle. I've also heard that one of the inmates during the prison break mission mention Eddie breaking out of the Raft

Betty Brant-She also signed the job card that Eddie did.

Gloria Grant-Same thing for Betty

Joe Robertson-Same thing for Gloria

Black Panther-Peter mentions the Wakandan Embassy and T'Challa by name

Iron Fist-The Rand Corporation building can be seen in the city

Cardiac-The H.E.A.R.T. clinic which is where apparently this guy comes from

Colleen Wing-The Chikara Dojo is mentioned in the Spider-Men mission which is where she trains

Chameleon-Peter worries if the Fake Spider-Man is the Chameleon reappearing

Mr.Fantastic-A sticky-note in the opening cutscene says, "RR suit fabric ballistic? Call to confirm." This is probably referring to Reed Richards.

Flash Thompson-Peter mentions that he helps homeless vets when you're in the F.E.A.S.T. center

Ant-Man-One of Norman Osborn's awards is from the Pym foundation and is signed by Hank Pym

She-Hulk-One of the posters on the F.E.A.S.T. bulletin boards is for a layer named Terswal, an anagram for Walters. (Jennifer Walters)

Mysterio-A kid dresses up as him at a Halloween party and one of the backpack items is a piece of his helmet

John Jameson-One of the social media posts is from JJinSpace, possibly referring to John Jameson in space because, you know, he's an astronaut

If you have any others please comment on them! I want to make this a full list so if I missed any, feel free to let me know!

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