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Anybody else think silver sable is the worst character in the history of all bad characters?

SpidermanPS4 10 - Anybody else think silver sable is the worst character in the history of all bad characters?

Spider man ps4 was a great game. I tip my hat for insomniac for making a good piece of entertainment, but wow the writing for silver sable in the game was god awful. It was hard looking and listening to her in the story and the dlc silver linings didn’t help. I felt my ears were going to bleed by hearing this asshole speak. My problem with her is she’s a badass for the sake of being a badass and that ruins her character. No charisma, no emotions. Just a bland piece of wood. In the entire story, she either doing nothing and proving that her and her task force are completely useless on doing what they are paid to do and letting the city be destroyed by being incompetent and not listen to important info or focus on unimportant things like hunting spider man, or she is attacking spider man and calling him out for something he didn’t even do. She blames him for things going wrong like losing the devils breath when clearly it’s the fault of her and her crew. And at the end when she leaves ny, she says she’ll miss spider man despite nothing happens to make her realize spider man is actually good( btw I know that she realizes he wants to help save Osborn but that’s not a secret since no evidence was shown that spider man didn’t want to save him, so she’s a idiot too). And apparently after the half assed “I’ll miss you”, she goes back to full on hating spider man in silver lining with no reason and attacks him when she thinks he’s working with hammerhead. Seriously how can the writers not see how garbage the writing is for her. Why does she think spider man works with hammerhead? She should know by now spider man is not what she thought. Did the writers forget the ending in the main game? Clearly they did. I was hoping the boss fight with her would knock some sense into her but she technically wins and she hits back more then I did. Give Mary Jane in the game some credit, she was a little bit stupid and a jerk but at least she gets a chance to apologize to you, realizing she screwed up, and she’s consistent with the story. Silver sable never apologized to spider man, not once, and continues to be a moronic jerk to spider man and her character( which is a robot with a bad impression on how any humans act) goes to hating spider man, respecting spider man and hating him for no reason is the definition of inconsistency. Again thanks to insomniac for making a game on my and everyone else’s favorite superhero and doing it in a awesome way, but seriously her character is so bad it has to be talked about. And I’m suprised no one is talking about this either. If she was just bad, I wouldn’t talk about this, but she is so so so so sooooooo so horrible


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